MW3 DLC Drop ‘Overwatch’ Releases for PS3 in March

Earlier this week, the third Elite drop for Modern Warfare 3, Overwatch, was released on Xbox 360. On February 28th, PS3 users should get patch 1.09 and the first two drops, Pizza and Liberation, but what about Overwatch?

Overwatch is, as expected, going to be released in March. In the latest episode of Roll Call, an on-screen caption indicated that PS3 owners should expect the third Elite drop in March. It reads, “Overwatch Content Drop will be available to Call of Duty Elite Premium PSN members in March.” This comes as no surprise as PS3 players have been getting Call of Duty maps one month after 360 since Modern Warfare 2, but at least now we have official confirmation that it’s indeed coming in March.

Also in March, Xbox 360 Elite premium users will be getting three new drops, Black Box map and two new spec ops missions. It is also confirmed that non-premium Elite Xbox 360 players will receive the first Modern Warfare 3 content pack. If we go with the one month head start deal, then PS3 paid Elite owners will receive the next three drops in April, and regular PS3 and PC owners will see the first DLC collection in April.

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