MW3 – Hints at Scoreboard Improvements and Next Gametype in Matchmaking

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling touches on the lack of objective oriented variables in the in match scoreboard and teases the next game mode to make it to public matchmaking in Modern Warfare 3.

The team behind Modern Warfare 3 omitted one of the features that Black Ops did so well last year, scoreboards that go beyond kills and deaths. The scoreboards in MW3 lack any objective scores, such as Flags Capped, Bombs Planted, or Kills Confirmed. Robert Bowling explained, “I haven’t got much traction on that yet.” However, he went on to give us a glimmer of hope, “it’s something I would love to do if we can get the code support for it.” This could be viewed as a minor improvement, but it elevates objective play to some extent. On a different note, Bowling did promise new gamestypes coming to Modern Warfare 3’s matchmaking in the form of community made gamemodes, but it seems that the next addition will be the private mode, Infected. Bowling asked his followers on Twitter “if you could bring the Infection gametype from private match into public playlists. What default Infected & Survivor classes would you use?”

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