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Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC – Official “Infected” Exo Zombies Trailer News 3

News 3 Have a look at the latest trailer from Activison and Sledgehammer Games, filled with freakish new Zombie types that you’ll face in “Infected”, the new Exo Zombies map in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s upcoming Ascendance DLC. The first Ascendance DLC gameplay trailer debuted earlier last week, showing off the expansion’s four new multiplayer maps – Perplex, […]

Modern Warfare 3: Spawn Improvements Incoming and Community Playlists Details News 14

News 14 Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, touches on spawn logic, and several issues regarding the community playlists. Even with all the spawn logic fixes already implemented in Modern Warfare 3, there’s room for improvement. Robert Bowling has stated that we can expect more work on the spawn logic. Bowling explained, “I have no details, but we are looking at what […]

[Updated] Modern Warfare 3: Drop Zone Could Make a Return News 23

News 23 Robert Bowling has just tweeted that “Drop Zone is returning to MW3 Community Playlists alongside Infected tonight!” The addition of “Infected” gamemode to Modern Warfare 3 knocked off Drop Zone from the community playlists angering fans in the process. Earlier today, Activision’s Dan Amrich asked upset fans, via Twitter, to either play Drop Zone in private matches, or politely voice their concerns […]

New MW3 Community Playlist “Infected” Coming Feb 5 on Xbox 360 and PS3 News 28

News 28 Robert Bowling has announced on the official forums that Modern Warfare 3 will receive its second community playlist, Infected, this weekend on February, 5th. After the introduction of Drop Zone to positive feedback, Infinity Ward wanted to keep rotating playlists in Modern Warfare 3. Infected is one of the fan favorite private gamemodes. The new playlist will be added on […]

MW3 – Hints at Scoreboard Improvements and Next Gametype in Matchmaking News 3

News 3 Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling touches on the lack of objective oriented variables in the in match scoreboard and teases the next game mode to make it to public matchmaking in Modern Warfare 3. The team behind Modern Warfare 3 omitted one of the features that Black Ops did so well last year, scoreboards that go […]

Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Update Now Live and Community Playlist Rotation Promised News 1

News 1 Robert Bowling reveals that a new update (hotfix) has been released earlier today for Modern Warfare 3. The matchmaking issues for smaller countries is apparently coming to an end with an update that when live a few hours ago. Robert Bowling explains that he “pushed another MW3 update for users in remote regions”. This update was “based on feedback.” On another note, when […]

Modern Warfare 3 Hacked Lobbies Confirmed and Explained – 360 Only So Far News 30

News 30 With just a little over 3 weeks since its release, hacked lobbies have “Infected” Modern Warfare 3 similar to the ones MW2 had. Hacked Game is Hacked I will not get into the history of hacks in past Call of Duty titles as that would warrant its own feature, so I will keep this simple. There […]