Modern Warfare 3: Spawn Improvements Incoming and Community Playlists Details

Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, touches on spawn logic, and several issues regarding the community playlists.

Even with all the spawn logic fixes already implemented in Modern Warfare 3, there’s room for improvement. Robert Bowling has stated that we can expect more work on the spawn logic. Bowling explained, “I have no details, but we are looking at what could further improve it [spawn logic].” He went on to add, “we’re working on some Demolition spawn tweaks now.” In regards to the community playlists, Bowling stated that changes to gun loadouts are possible. Infected already saw a change since it was introduced last weekend. Bowling noted, “the community playlists are designed to be influenced by community feedback.” One tweak that would mess with the balance of ‘Infected’ is removing the throwing knife. Bowling shed some light on why it will not be taken out, Infinity Ward is “trying to find a balance. No throwing knife games end in stand off with Survivors held up where Infected can’t get.” Bowling explained on Twitter the way the team behind Infinity Ward goes about deciding which gametype is added to the community playlist. “The first two were decided based on player counts in Private Match,” according to Bowling. Gun Game is “possible. If there’s enough demand for it.”

What’s your favorite private match gamemode? Let us know in the comments below.

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