[Updated] Modern Warfare 3: Drop Zone Could Make a Return

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Robert Bowling has just tweeted that “Drop Zone is returning to MW3 Community Playlists alongside Infected tonight!”

The addition of “Infected” gamemode to Modern Warfare 3 knocked off Drop Zone from the community playlists angering fans in the process.

Earlier today, Activision’s Dan Amrich asked upset fans, via Twitter, to either play Drop Zone in private matches, or politely voice their concerns on the official forums to “let the devs know.” The team behind Modern Warfare 3 took notice of the fan feedback, stating “we hear what you’re saying about missing Drop Zone in MW3 loud and clear!” Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 3 is currently “limited on playlist space,” according to Robert Bowling. However, Bowling assured that they are “looking at solutions for it!” Bowling last month promised to rotate gamemodes in the community playlists. Hopefully, Drop Zone will make its way back to the community playlists as it had an active player base.

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