MW3 Matchmaking is Going to be Patched “Hopefully” This Week

The two biggest issues that have been hindering your Modern Warfare 3 experience are being worked on.

A few days ago, we reported on the upcoming patch to address the lag problems in Modern Warfare 3. The other major annoyance with MW3 is the fact that matchmaking is not pairing players properly. Currently, when players leave the lobby, the matchmaking system is not bringing in other players to fill the void in many cases. This leaves players with no choice but to back out of the lobby and start searching for a new game. As we reported earlier, matchmaking for smaller countries is not letting players to team up with their friends who live in another country. Robert Bowling assures “updates to improve [matchmaking] should be included in the updates hitting this week (hopefully). Its something that’s important to us.” Unfortunately, Infinity Ward hasn’t released a complete list of patch notes for much anticipated patch. Although, Robert Bowling did promise that they “will be posting up some changelogs for all the updates since launch. Probably post-Thanksgiving update.” While patches are being deployed throughout the week, you might be having problems accessing your online vault. Don’t worry! Robert Bowling assures that your recorded gameplay is “not wiped. They’re still saved on the server, but are currently inaccessible in games while they do some updates. They’ll be back.”

Stay tuned to MP1st for the latest on Modern Warfare 3.

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