MW3 – More MP Hot-Fixes Similar to Black Ops, Strike Packages, and Prestige Details

We’re only one week away from the intense, action-packed and ever addicting multiplayer of Modern Warfare 3. Robert Bowling has revealed some new information on post launch support, prestige options, and strike packages.

Treyarch, the minds behind Black Ops, were looked highly upon due to their unmistakeable post launch support. This is not in terms of paid DLC, but patches and fixes. Black Ops went on to become one of the more balanced and polished entries in to the series, though it may have had a bumpy launch. It now seems that Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games’ Modern Warfare 3 will be taking a cue from last year’s iteration. One fan asked Bowling how Treyarch was able to update their game so often, while fans had to wait for patches in Modern Warfare 2. Bowling answered, “because Black Ops was the first game to introduce more hot-fixes. Something we’ve optimized even more in MW3 to do the same.” This should come as good news to many. No longer will we have to wait for patches for changes to take place. This should make for a much smoother launch for MW3.

Bowling also had more to say about Prestige. Some fans have been asking if they will still be able to unlock tokens for Prestige-ing in past CoD games even after the release of and after playing MW3. According to Bowling, “there is no cut off, you can go back and earn it at any time and unlock it in MW3.” He also added that gear in the “Prestige Shop” is “permanently unlocked for all future prestiges.” Speaking of the Prestige Shop, Bowling mentioned that “it’s accessible anytime as long as you have Prestige Tokens to use in it. So if you have 4 tokens on day 1, you can use them.”

Some more details on perks: You may have noticed the nifty new controllable UAV in MW3 that players can fly to manually spot enemies. Some fans have been asking if the UAV or the Advanced UAV would be able to spot players running the Assassin perk, which hides players from the radar. Bowling replied, “no. The only way to have Assassin users show up on Radar is to tag them with Recon or Recon Pro.” Speaking of Recon, a new feature was announced earlier that players using using the Marksman proficiency will be able to “tag” enemies on the radar just by looking at them through a rifle scope. Fans have been asking if this is automatic or if enemies need to be tagged manually. Robert answered, “No, Marksman works automatically, so now an enemy’s name will appear above them at a longer distance than normal.”

It has already been revealed that the killstreak rewards in MW3, now called point streak rewards, are split up into 3 different strike packages; Assault, Support and Specialist. One reward found in the Assault strike package that has caught the attention of many CoD fans is the ability to suit up as a juggernaut. As funs as it looks, it also has gamers worried that it could be extremely over-powered. However, Bowling explained in a recent G4 video that though the juggernaut reward is super powerful, it does not regenerate health, cannot run or jump, and cannot go prone. Though, it does have the Scavenger perk built in with it’s LMG; meaning, it can pick up any ammunition as the player walks over it.

Are you looking forward to suit up as either a support or assault juggernaut? What other perks or strike packages are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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