MW3 won’t have Black Ops’ Character Customization, but will have an “Enhanced” Theater Mode

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Although Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2, comparisons with the previous Call of Duty title, Black Ops, are bound to happen. Robert Bowling shed some light on some of the similarities and differences between the two games in question.


According Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist on Modern Warfare 3, MW3 will focus on gameplay customization rather than character customization as in Black Ops. Robert stated, “we don’t do any character customization, all our customization is focused on gameplay, loadouts, and weapon camos.” In terms of camos, I hope they’ll be bringing back the ones from MW2. Last month, we reported that in MW3 you don’t unlock camos by getting headshots like MW2. As far as the attachments go, you can click here to check the complete list. The character customization in Black Ops, especially the changeable face paint feature, wasn’t too popular among the community. It wasn’t popular in the sense that it wasn’t used frequently or talked about much, at least in my experience.

Did you like the feature in Black Ops? Please let us know in the comments’ section below.

Theater Mode

Theater Mode was introduced by Treyarch to the Call of Duty series in Black Ops. It is coming back in MW3 with even more “enhancements.” Robert explained “no dolphin diving, but there is theater mode in MW3 with enhancements (mostly how it runs so that it doesn’t impact framerate)”. It’s worth nothing that Elite paid members will get more data space for their recordings. Some of the problems of theater mode in Blck Ops, besides the framerate issue, are the video quality and reliability. I mention reliability because last month David Vonderhaar clarified “the theater won’t record entire games if we think the network is burdened to the point it will impact the game.” David went on to explain “game performance [more important that] theater recording data. The value of being able to see anyone in the game from the 1st person was a big deal to us.”

What kind of improvements would you like to see? Personally, I want better video quality; 480p doesn’t cut it nowadays.

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