MW3’s Robert Bowling: “Spent an hour playing Battlefield 3… I loved it!”

Despite the heat between publishing giants Activision and Electronic Arts, game developers of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 praise highly of each other.

Recently, at GamesCon 2011, MW3’s creative strategist, Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling, sat down with Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros, community manager for BF3, at the Battlefield 3 booth and played roughly an hour of EA’s highly anticipated new shooter. While some fans may have been nervous about two opposing community giants aiming down sights at each other and strapping C4 to each other’s backs, it was all fun and games to Mr. Bowling and Mr. Matros.

A competitive yet friendly conversation on Twitter shortly ensued thereafter:

fourzerotwo Robert Bowling

GamesCom completed! Spent an hour playing @Battlefield 3 multiplayer with friends from DICE, I loved it! Also, Batman: Arkham City = amazing

zh1nt0 Daniel Matros

@fourzerotwo @battlefield was an awesome session! Got your tags. Stay safe Rob! COD is lucky to have you!

fourzerotwo Robert Bowling

@zh1nt0 I promise you, you will never get my fourzerotwo tags. That is a challenge my friend. Come for them and receive bullets in the face.

zh1nt0 Daniel Matros

@fourzerotwo bring it! and @locust9 , it was a lot of fun

We all know that competition in the FPS genre right now is extremely fierce, but it is nice to see game developers seeing through the political storm caused by publishers.

Good point. When the game comes out, we will settle this.” said Mr. Bowling. Bringing the conversation to a close.

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