Naughty Dog: The Last of Us Multiplayer Will Be “Very Fun!”

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Naughty Dog has certainly kept the lid tight shut about the multiplayer portion to the PlayStation 3 exclsuive, The Last of Us. While last week’s leak possibly gave us some insight as to what to expect, Naughty Dog has stated that they’re still working on the multiplayer and that we can expect it to be fun.

When asked about when we would see the multiplayer portion of the title, a rep from Naughty Dog simply said,

We’re working on MP and focusing testing it a lot. It’s going to be very fun!

And for those who remember those extremely hard-to-earn trophies in past Uncharted games for the multiplayer, Naughty Dog has also said that they’ll discuss the DLC trophies later and will address the difficulty.

In the mean time, enjoy this new video that released today for the Last of Us, which goes into great detail about the infected of the game.