Nearly 50 Battlefield 5 Unreleased Weapons Listed and How Far They Were in Development

battlefield 5 unreleased weapons
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With DICE announcing that the next Battlefield 5 content drop will be its last, some might be wondering what happened to some of the Battlefield 5 unreleased weapons that were datamined in the game’s files.

As it turns out, there’s a TON of Battlefield 5 unreleased weapons that never saw the light of day! Why? I have no idea. Fortunately for us, someone rounded them all up! Battlefield 5 fan Colers25 made a spreadsheet of all the weapons that were shown in promotional materials, early gameplay and more.

LancasterSMGCompletely release ready. 8 node specialization. Was included in the kitfiles between December and February
PPKPistolWas present in databrowser during May, but removed in June. Featured in accidental Artstation showcase with suppressor attached. 100% the same stats as the Ruby
Shaped ChargeGadgetUsable in Under No Flag. Limpet analogue. Not yet accessible despite statement of intent of producer David Sirland. Featured in accidental Artstation showcase
ChauchatLMGHas been accessible in game since launch. 8 node specialization (possibly incorrect) and active assignments. Has been in the kitfiles between December and March, and reactivated for a while during late April.
M1917 EnfieldBARPresumably rigged for gameplay prior to beta, still uses a 9-node specialization system. the bundles featuring the Nr4 Enfield instead had the M1917 on their advertisement art.
PatchettSMGPresumably rigged for gameplay prior to Beta; still uses a 9-node specialization system.
RMN-50LauncherWas in the databrowser for a long time, but is now MIA. Still expected to come in the eventuallity of the Eastern Front
SjögrenShotgunPresumably rigged for gameplay prior to beta; still uses a 9-node specialization system. Has been shown during the “This is Battlefield V” trailer
DB flare pistolGadgetIs main branch and spawnable. Dog tags have been mined up
WelgunSMGPresumably rigged for gameplay prior to Beta; still uses a 9-node specialization system. Featured in accidental Artstation showcase.
Flamethrower pistolGadgetIn the databrowser since launch. Dubious state of balance. Possibly seen in C4 trailer. Featured in accidental Artstation showcase
WelrodPistolSpawnable. Featured in C4 trailer. Projectile data file currently inaccessible.
K31/43BARSpawnable, but Temporyal stated that it still suffers slight misalignment and the switch to iron function fails often. Operates on 5v5 specific balance and has an abnormally fast muzzle velocity
KampfpistoleGadgetSpeculated to actually be the HE grenade pistol. Works but its projectiles don’t have textures yet
Astra 903Machine PistolSole survivor of the great Machine Pistol culling. Currently can be spawned in but is offset 20cm backwards. Has the same skin-complexity of sidearms
LAD LMGLMGAnimations seem to lack polish (Small clipping issues with reload) and the recoil animation seems to be borrowed from the MG34. Has a complete spec tree. lacks alternative skins
PanzershrekLauncherHas been in the databrowser since launch, however, when reloading the shell is missing from the hand of its user
M1941 JohnsonSARReference found by Temporyal, confirmed to be in the files with a WB file. Currently has faulty reload animations, a bugged ADS view and other issues that mark it as not ready for release
Bren AA VariantMMGIts present as the gunner weapon on almost every Allied tank. It has an entry in the databrowser as Bren_Vehicle, but cannot be spawned for infantry use
GarrotteGadgetPresent in the code since launch. Assumed scrapped but got a mesh update in the previous patch. Currently animations are broken beyond belief
Knee mortarLauncherWas spawnable and usable, but isn’t working as intended and its animations aren’t rigged properly
M60 MortarGadgetSpawnable in some sense, but is currently present as an asset on some CA maps
M3 IR sniper rifleSARReferences found by temporyal. Spec file currently present
Model 81 Special PoliceSLROnce randomly showed up in armory images.
MP41SMGOnce randomly showed up in armory images.
Bangalore Torpedo?References found by Temporyal
KampfpistoleGadgetReferences found by Temporyal, not yet featured in any art. Secondary confirmation when its sounds files were mentioned in the removal log of 6.2
Type 99 Magnetic MineGadgetReferences found by Temporyal
M1903 SpringfieldBARReferences found by Temporyal. Weapon dogtags found in the charm folder
Type 44 ArisakaBA CarbineReferences found by Drakesden, verified by Temporyal. Weapon dog tags found in the charm folder
Barbed wireGodgetCulled in the Battlefest patch
Breaching chargeGadgetSeems to be a copy of the BF1 Limpet mine, sans the ability to stick onto ceilings. Culled in the Battlefest patch
GoliathmineGadgetIs asset complete. Simply doesn’t do anything when spawned in but stand there. Culled in the battlefest patch
Frommer Stop AutoMachine PistolRemoved months ago.
M1912/P16Machine PistolRemoved months ago. Lacked firing animations
Hawkins grenadeGrenadeBritish AT grenade that has been spotted in the code. Works correctly but its model gets swapped out once thrown with a standard M24 grenade. Culled in the Battlefest patch
Portable MG turretGadgetWas Spawnable and usable. Culled in the Battlefest patch
Colt MonitorLMGIts monstrous muzzle device is present on a variety of guns, such as the Ross Rifle Night Owl muzzle
FM 24/29LMGWhat might be its flash hider is present on a variety of guns, such as the ZK383 White Tiger. Though no true 1-1 match has been found, this is the closest candidate (only has 3 rows instead of 7)
M1 ThompsonSMGCertain parts of the M1928 (Like irons) are designated as belonging to the M1 instead
M50 ReisingSMGIts muzzle device is present on a variety of guns, such as the FG42 Mint muzzle
Mosin M39 CarbineBA CarbineComplete and technically competent asset confirmed to be in DICE’s control due to its appearance in BF1. Part of its assets may have been reused for the RMN-50
PTRD-41AT RifleWhat might be its muzzle break has been spotted on a variety of guns, but currently we cannot be 100% sure due to the angle we see it as (it might be flatter than the PTRD41 muzzle)
PTRS-41AT RifleIts unique muzzle device is present on a variety of guns, such as the gold plated MG34 muzzle

If you’d rather hear about it and how far along these weapons were in development, Westie made a video of it that I recommend people watch since it includes screenshots of the guns and whatnot as well.

If you read the list above or watched the video, what’s surprising here is, some of these weapons were actually finished! These Battlefield 5 unreleased weapons had their own upgrade nodes, Assignments and more. Did DICE not release these due to balancing issues? Maybe they were planning to in the future at some point? Your guess is as good as mine at this point though.

Are you disappointed that DICE didn’t release these weapons and what do you think was the reason for not doing so? Let us know down below in the comments.

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