New Battlefield 2042 Early Access Date Revealed, Dev Says BFV in a “Different Phase” When It Got Delayed

Next Battlefield 2042 Update

In case you didn’t know, DICE announced yesterday that Battlefield 2042 would be getting a delay, and it will be released on November 19 instead of its original date of October 22. With the announcement, it’s a given that the early access availability of the game has also shifted as well. DICE has confirmed that the new Battlefield 2042 Early Access for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass is now set for November 12, 2021!

This news was announced today by Adam Freeman, Lead Community Manager at DICE.

We’ve compiled the Twitter thread tweet in one spot for an easier read/

Thanks to everyone who have sent their messages of support this past 12 hours or so – it’s deeply appreciated by all of us on the team #BATTLEFIELD I’ll be helping to answer questions as we move towards November 19th. To help clarify on the below Early Access = 12th November

We’re in the process of making updates to both our websites, and with our partners on their respective storefronts. Takes a bit of time to do, so please bear with us whilst do that, and do share the date with folks who you see asking the question.

New dates for the Open Beta will be shared later this month. We likely won’t share those dates today, or tomorrow – and I’ll give you further heads up next week.

The new Battlefield 2042 early access release date of November 12, is also a month’s difference from the original which was October 15.

Now, for those worried that the delay of Battlefield 2042 will mean that it’ll just be like Battlefield V (BF5), DICE Gameplay Engineer Niels Stoelinga has announced that the studio was in a different phase when BFV was delayed, and that a lot can be done in four weeks’ time when it comes to the bug fixing phase.

A lot can be done in 4 weeks when you’re in the bug fixing phase of a project. Feature work introduces bugs, requires testing/balancing and possibly more iterations. Bugs can be fixed quite rapidly as they usually don’t introduce more work. It’s going to be good, we’re so close!

It’s a fair comparison, but we were in a different phase during BFV when it got delayed. It’s okay if you don’t believe me, just know that I’m very optimistic and I’ve worked through quite a few releases already.

While it’s easy to rag on DICE for delaying the game and all, people have to remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic, which complicates a lot of things — and yes, that involves game development. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Battlefield 2042 is in a better spot than BFV given that it doesn’t seem to feature Attrition, and other gameplay-related mechanics that weren’t exactly embraced by Battlefield fans (including this guy).

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