New Battlefield 4 “Flood Zone” Gameplay, Plus All Maps Previewed

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Get a fresh new look at Battlefield 4 with brand new gameplay captured on a previously unseen map, Flood Zone.

Having gotten some hands-on time with the game thanks to publisher Electronic Arts, a number of YouTube personalities have recently published brand new footage of the game on Flood Zone, an urban multiplayer map where gamers can employ the use of attack and speed boats on flooded streets once a crack in a near by dam becomes a gaping hole.

Check out some of the new videos below:

Flood Zone

Update 1

YouTuber COD5DEVIL also has a video preview of all Battlefield 4 maps, with the exception of “Seige of Shanghai” which most of you are already fairly familiar with thanks to the recent beta. If the controller indicators are anything to go by, most of the footage appears to be captured from the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Update 2

It appears the videos below have been moved to another YouTube channel. No “Paracel Storm” or “Seige of Shanghai” footage is available, but we’re all pretty familiar with those maps by now.

Zavod 311

Golmud Railway

Rogue Transmission

Hainan Resort


Lancing Dam

Flood Zone

Operation Locker