New Battlefield 4 Gameplay Trailer Goes All Out For Its Upcoming Final Stand DLC

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Concluding a recent gameplay event for Battlefield 4’s fifth and final multiplayer expansion, developer DICE ended things on a high note with an intense new gameplay trailer that dives into the setting and background of Final Stand.

As in previous expansions before it, Final Stand loosely ties in with some of Battlefield 4’s story elements. In this instance, intel gathered from the Chinese Army points to highly secret military base installations in Russia where experimental weapons and technologies are being developed. As developers pointed out in the gameplay live stream, Final Stand acts as a stepping stone to the future that was already realized in games like Battlefield: 2142. High-tech war machines like 2142’s “Walkers”, for example, can be seen in their early stages of development in maps like “Giants of Karelia”.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand launches November 18, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC for Battlefield 4 Premium members. Non-Premium members can pick it up two weeks later on December 2.

It introduces new high-tech weapons, vehicles, and gadgets on four brand new maps themed around the cold and snowy atmospheres of Russia and the Arctic North.


Here are the release times for Battlefield 4: Final Stand on all platforms for Premium members, according to EA’s Answer HQ (subject to change):


  • 5:30AM PST
  • 1:30PM GMT

Xbox 360 and Xbox One

  • 1:00AM PST – 5:00AM PST
  • 9:00AM GMT – 1:00PM GMT

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (North America)

  • 2:00PM PST – 6:00PM PST
  • 10:00PM GMT – 2:00AM GMT

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (Europe)

  • 6:00AM PST — 10:00AM PST
  • 2:00PM GMT — 6:00PM GMT