New Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Footage Shows Off Helicopter Camo Customization

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It appears that developers DICE are approaching Battlefield 4 with a heavier focus on not only soldier and weapon customization, but vehicle customization as well.

We mentioned in our initial Battlefield 4 multiplayer impressions that both weapon attachments and camoflauge patterns are clearly much more customizable than in previous iterations of Battlefield games. However, DICE seems to have carried this philosophy over to vehicles in Battlefield 4 multiplayer as well, as number of tanks or other ground vehicles in Battlefield 4’s alpha footage can be seen sporting some sort of camoflauge pattern, paint job or even clan decals. In Battlefield 3, for example, only vehicle upgrades were interchangeable in the loadout screens. Appearance was always tied to a faction.

As YouTuber Westie just recently brought to our attention, helicopters, and perhaps other aerial vehicles such as jets, will also be customizable in terms of their appearance.

Check out his exclusive clip below where he notices some nifty helicopter camo.

Of course, current footage of Battlefield 4, including the clip above, is not indicative of the final product, so some things like purple or green helicopters might not make the cut in the final version of the game. While that’d be cool, we’ll have to wait and see.