New Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage Hits YouTube

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A number of brand new Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay videos have hit the Tubes after a handful of Battlefield personalities were sent clips from a recent EA play session in Los Angeles.

All footage has been recorded using the brand new Spectator Mode with the HUD turned off so you can enjoy the beauty of Battlefield 4 in its most recent build.


JackFrags shows off the QBZ-95, the M9 + custom ring and laser sight.


Wintergore’s footage showcases the QBZ-95 with a green lazer sight, flash supressor and pks 3.4x scope.


Check out some QBU-88 semi-automatic sniper rifle gameplay in Wickedshrapnel’s vid.


Some random swimming is featured in DarkLiberatorZone’s clip. Thanks, Daryn.


You’ll find some multiplayer tank gameplay in chaosxsilencer’s footage.

Pixel Enemy

Pixel Enemy has a clip of Battlefield 4 running on Ultra Settings.

Battlefield Podcast

Battlefield Podcast has a clip showing off the Ultimax 100 light-machinegun with a red-dot scope and laser sight, as well as the XM25 air-burst grenade launcher.


SgtRedPhoenix has some more Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay on Ultra Settings at 1080/60 FPS.


GamingWithMack snagged two new Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay videos. He also mentions that DICE told him these videos are “just a teaser of something that’s coming very soon.” Check out that epic “720 combat knife kill.”


Miguel’s video shows off another angle of the skyscraper taking a big tumble on the Battlefield 4 map, Seige of Shanghai.


OddBox71 shows off some more sniper/pistol gameplay.


Some lengthier gameplay from Threatty with lots of knife takedowns and QBU-88 gameplay.


MrAssauly89 has some Stinger and P90 gameplay.


More Battlefield 4 gameplay from Luetin09 with showcasing some more weapons and another knife takedown.


LevelCapGaming has got a lengthy Battlefield 4 gameplay vid showing off a new assault rifle, the QBZ-95, including some weapon stats.