New Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Details – Weapons, Video Tutorial, Achievements/Trophies, and More

An assortment of brand new Battlefield 4 Naval Strike info has been leaked ahead of the multiplayer expansion’s ‘late March’ launch.

A new video shows off the DLC’s Carrier Assault gameplay tutorial, a new mode being introduced as a reimagined Titan mode from Battlefield 2142. Meanwhile, we’ve also got a look at the brand menu layout, trophies/achievements, assignments, weapons, and gadgets. Looking closely at the images, you’ll also notice another increase in level capacity that goes beyond 110.

Carrier Assault Gameplay Tutorial

[youtube id=”LGmSRnRoTBc”]

Naval Strike New menu and Trophies/Achievements

  • The Big Leagues – Bronze \\ Play a round of Carrier Assault
  • Killing me Softly – Bronze \\ Get a kill in the ACV
  • Spotted – Bronze \\ Climb the highest point in Naval Strike
  • Fly Swatter – Silver \\ Kill and enemy with the AA mine
  • No Parley – Silver \\ Get a kill with the old cannon

Naval Strike Weapons/Gadgets

  • Precisions Knife
  • AA Mine
  • M320 3GL
  • SW40 Magnum
  • AWS Machine Gun
  • SR33B Sniper Rifle
  • AR160 Assault Rifle
  • SR-2 PDW

How’s Naval Strike looking so far? Like what you see?

Expect to hear an official Battlefield 4 Naval Strike launch date soon as we near mid-March.


We’ve rounded up some very informative Naval Strike overview videos from a few of our favorite Battlefield 4 YouTube personalities. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”nEuBbPzPIy8″]

[youtube id=”pwXEWRzPRdI”]

[youtube id=”I5-8Mnq_nNw”]

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