New Battlefield 4 Promotional Poster Advertises Commander Mode, Battlelog 2.0 and Premium

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Earlier Battlefield 4 promotional material spotted last month at the video game retailer EB Games advertised the return of Commander Mode and the ability to play as three different factions in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

Today, yet another poster surfaces, spotted by BF4Central, once again advertising Commander Mode as well an upgraded Battlelog 2.0 and the return of another Premium service.

Like the previous poster, this one doesn’t appear to be official EA marketing material, but material made up by an EB Games employee who may or may not have correct information about Battlefield 4. Oddly, it lists the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as platforms on which the game will release, but it’s missing any indication of a PC release, the platform which the game’s 17-minute demonstration was showcased on.

Check out the poster below:


Other than the return of Commander Mode, none of the information is particularly exciting or all that new. DICE has already confirmed they will “definitely do Premium for Battlefield 4,” and they’ve already teased Battlelog 2.0.

It does, however, look more and more likely that the Commander Mode, last featured in Battlefield 2142 but ditched for Battlefield 3, will be returning in Battlefield 4. According to the poster, players may have to rank up in order to access it.

What do you guys think? Are you getting hyped for the return of Commander Mode in Battlefield 4, or are you keeping your hopes at a more moderate level?

Via, MP1st forums.