New Battlefield V Patch Brings in a Host of New Bugs and Here’s Some of Them

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With DICE dropping a new Battlefield V patch earlier today, there’s a bunch of gameplay tweaks, technical fixes and more, which you can read about in the patch notes.

Unfortunately, a host of new Battlefield 5 bugs has inadvertently made its way into the game too! The Battlefield V subreddit has suddenly exploded with players reporting one new bug after another, and we’ve listed some of them.

There’s a bug that removes the text from the main menu (!) which was posted by DonRivs:

This bug gets triggered when you select a plane, and well, I’ll leave you to see it for yourself.

[BFV] Plane selecting glitch from BattlefieldV

Another bug happens when you join a game and only see a black screen. Thankfully, pausing the game, pressing down twice, and pressing X (or A on Xbox One) to redeploy fixes it.

Multiple reports have come in that the PS4 version is now suffering severe frame rate drops after the latest patch. How bad? Here’s how it looks:

There seems to be another bug introduced now that has ammo crates dropping and phasing through the floor when dropped by a player.

[BUG] Ammo crates dropping through floors when dropped from BattlefieldV

If you think multiplayer is the only one affected, think agaib, as it seems even the single-player portion is suffering though some as well.

You can keep track of all the new ones springing up right here.

Have you noticed any new Battlefield 5 bugs introduced in today’s patch? If so, share ’em in the comments below.

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