New Black Myth: WuKong Gameplay Is Running on Unreal Engine 5 and Looks Gorgeous

New Black Myth: WuKong Gameplay

Chinese studio Game Science has released new Black Myth: WuKong gameplay, and it features the game’s transition to Unreal Engine 5! Needless to say, the game looks stunning, and the combat, compelling!

Check out 12 minutes of gameplay footage right now, and there’s even a boss fight with a friggin’ dragon!

Black Myth: WuKong, the action-adventure game developed by Game Science, reveals its newest gameplay test collection today. The video is recorded real-time in Unreal 5 Engine, and supported by NVIDIA DLSS technology.

Black Myth: WuKong has no release window, and no confirmed platforms just yet, but we’re definitely eager to know more about it. If you want to see its previous iteration running on Unreal Engine 4, head on over here for the game’s 13-minute gameplay debut.

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