New Dead Space Remake Gameplay Footage Features First 18 Minutes of the Game

Dead Space Remake Gameplay

New gameplay footage for the upcoming Dead Space remake was just released. The video includes gameplay of your first 18 minutes in the third-person survival horror game.

Take a look at IGN’s Dead Space remake gameplay video:

December’s IGN First is Dead Space, the EA Motive remake of the original 2008 horror classic.
Check out the first 18 minutes of Dead Space running in 4K 60 on PC, and stick with IGN all month to find out more about the Dead Space remake.

The trailer includes the opening crashlanding cutscene as the search and rescue crew enters the USG Ishimura, now improved with modern gaming technology. It’s worth noting that the dialogue during the opening scene is different from the original game, with the protagonist Isaac being more active in the conversation. Still, the remake retains many of the original game’s details, including the iconic “CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS” warning you find scribbled in blood.

We’ve already seen some gameplay footage of the Dead Space remake, and this new video also highlight’s the game’s massive graphical improvements. Of course, it’s about what you’d expect for a game that originally came out last 2008, but the differences in the scenery and environment are staggering.

The Dead Space remake is slated for a January 27 release next year on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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