New The Division 2 Rogue System Detailed, Livestream Happening This Week

the division 2 rogue

Just last week, Ubisoft blew the door wide open in terms of The Division 2’s Dark Zone. If yo’d rather watch fresh gameplay as it unfolds, you’re going to get just that as there will be a The Division 2 livestream happening this Tuesday, and it’ll focus on PvP (player vs player).

The Division 2 livestream (via Reddit) will take place on Tuesday, January 22, and will start at 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST! People will be able to watch it on YouTube, Twitch, and more. MP1st will have a link up as we get closer to the livestream.

While we got our first gameplay look at The Division 2 Dark Zones just a few days ago, some might be wondering what happened to the Rogue system introduced in the first game. Ubisoft has mentioned that they’ve implemented a new three-tier progression way for The Division 2 Rogue system to work.

New Rogue System

We have implemented a three-tiered progression system for Rogues in The Division 2. There are two ways for players to engage with our new Rogue progression – world interaction and toggling:

  • Rogue Status—This early stage in the Rogue loop is new to The Division 2, with a focus on theft and greed. Once Rogue, players see nearby opportunities to complete new Rogue actions—stealing other players’ loot, hijacking Supply drops, and cutting ropes to name a few. Performing any of these actions will toggle you Rogue. Here, the ultimate goal is gaining access to the Thieves Den—a hidden instance that houses vendors only accessible by Agents in this Rogue state. The entrance location varies and appears when you execute enough Rogue actions. After exiting the Den, players return to SHD status. If a player kills another player while in this new Rogue state, they will go Disavowed.
  • Disavowed Status—This stage is the most familiar to fans of The Division. Killing players raises the attacking Agent’s disavowed level, and killing enough players raises the disavowed Agent’s status to Manhunt. SHD Agents can eliminate Disavowed Agents to claim their bounties.
  • Manhunt Status—This is the final stage in the Rogue loop in which players have to clear their status at a SHD terminal in order to earn rewards. In The Division 2, you have a choice of three random terminals active in the Dark Zone to clear your Manhunt status. You also have the option to Increase Notoriety at any terminal, effectively raising your rewards but requiring you to cash-out at the next terminal. General terminal areas are visible on the mega-map for SHD agents while a Manhunt is active, but precise terminal locations are only revealed to the Manhunt player. This creates a cat-and-mouse style gameplay loop where SHD Agents can track down Manhunt Agents and attempt to claim their bounty.

In terms of matchmaking, it’ll happen in two separate brackets. Players will be matched in level brackets (1-10, 11-20, 21-30), and “normalized” to the same power level. Another side of the coin see all players who have reached “World Tier” being matched together and normalized in the same World Tier.

Hopefully, this is a marked improvement compared to how the first game handled Rogue status, no?

The Division 2 will fire out this March 15, 2019 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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