New Far Cry 6 Details: No Map Editor, Huge Effort Going into Last-Gen Versions, and More

Far Cry 6 Update 1.000.007

The Far Cry developers recently held a Reddit AMA where they revealed a number of new details about Far Cry 6. Some of the highlights of the AMA included confirmation that Far Cry 6 would not feature an arcade mode,  which is a mode introduced in Far cry 5 that allowed the community to build and publish their own custom maps. 

Additionally, the team also confirmed that the co-op would work similar to Far Cry 5 in that it will feature a tether system. For those unaware, the tether system basically means you can only play within a certain distance of each other. Should you go beyond that then it will automatically spawn the player back within that zone.

And of course there’s the news that Far Cry 6 is going to be available on next-gen platforms along with last. For those worried about Far Cry 6 being another Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco, the developers have stated that there are huge efforts in ensuring that last-gen versions run smoothly.

Down below you’ll find a full list of questions asked during the AMA, along with a TDLR (too long didn’t read) version of it in case you just want the short summary.

  • A detailed roadmap is planned to be shown before release.
  • Arcade mode is not coming back. No exact reason given, though it did allow to team to focus more on the campaign.
  • Huge amount of effort going into last gen versions so they run smoothly.
  • Like all past Far Cry, Far Cry 6 is its own story and world although there may be some loose connections.
  • You will be able to approach the story however you like, no matter where you are on the map, which will give you freedom to explore Yara at your own pace.
  • Wingsuit and grappling hook are confirmed.
  • Far Cry 6 is fully playable in co-op, similar to Far Cry 5 and New Dawn with the Tether system.
  • A wide selection of land, air, and sea vehicles. Expect resistance no matter what you drive.
  • Like past Far Cry, you can hunt wildlife and trade their resources.
  • Takedowns are back, plenty of new animations
  • Biomes vary from beaches, jungles, infested swamps, and more.
  • Urban areas are a mix of open and closed buildings, with rooftop runs, sewer guerrilla paths, climbing, jumping and claustrophobic gun fights in tank filled city streets.
  • Whichever manifestation of Hurk is in the game, they will be on other adventures during Far Cry 6
  • Fuego backpack lets you pull off crazy stunts as it sets fire to everything.
  • Yara is being described as Beautiful, enticing, lived in, Vast, Rich, Epic, Meaningful, and Surprising
  • The amigos (friends) in Far Cry 6 are mainly focused on animals, though the developers tease that some NPC will fight alongside you. There are no guns for hire however. 
  • PS5 Dualsense owners will be happy with the controller features, though they can’t talk about it right now.

Reddit AMA Questions:

Will Far cry 6 run smooth on last-gen consoles?

The team is putting a huge amount of effort into making sure Far Cry 6 runs smoothly on last gen consoles.

Are there plans to use the PS5 DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptics?

Hoooo Yes! I can’t tell more today, but PS5 Dual Sense owners will be happy. 

Will the map editor return? 

No, Arcade will not come back. Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution.

Will we see the weapon tier system return from far cry new dawn

No, this system was good for New Dawn, but didn’t fit our fantasy and world. So we went a different route

I assume based on the gameplay reveal there are no guns for hire, Juan said not to expect backup. Is this right? Is Juan available cause he’s hella cool.

Exactly, there are no guns for hire… but you might be surprised with backup from time to time

Is there a road map already in place outlining the DLC’s for Far Cry 6 and will this be revealed before the release of the game?

For sure & yes more on that later and we are not going to keep you waiting for too long.

What information can you share about the wildlife of FC6? What game is the wildlife most reminiscent of? 

Wildlife has always been an important part of any Far Cry, in our case wildlife can be hunted and used in your different trading to get what you want.

My question is: is the wingsuit still in the game? That’s my favorite way of getting around, I really hope we’ll still have it. Also the grappling hook?

Happy to say Yes & Yes.

Will we be able to fly helicopters and planes and drive boats in free roam open world gameplay?

For sure! There is a wide range of land, sea and air vehicles that you can acquire to roam the world of Yara. From classic 50s American muscle cars to Resolver aircraft, you can find them, store them and take them for a spin when you want. That said, the airspace and road network are under the control of El Presidente so expect a fight to free Yara! 

Will there be human amigos similar to the guns for hire in far cry 5?

We focused on Amigos being animals for FC6, but that doesn’t mean you will always be fighting alone, Yara is full of like minded people that want to take the fight to Castillo and bring down the regime!

Please describe your favorite thing about Yara in three words or less.

Beautiful, enticing, lived in – Ben

Vast, Rich & Surprising – Alex

Thanks guys. You took all the good words. So I’ll say Epic, Meaningful, and Surprising – Nav

Will jetpack allow us to double jump or help traversal in anyway?

The Fuego backpack is awesome and lets you pull off some crazy stunts! It’s not a double jump, more a burst that lets you traverse the world differently, and at the same time you leave a blazing trail of destruction behind you as your Fuego sets fire to everything around you as you go. 

A question relating to animations and reused ones.

Either its Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 6 its all about the narrative, the integration to the world and the player fantasy that we want you to play, in our case the cigar is one example of you living the life of a guerrilla into a Caribbean island frozen in time. And in our case not only do we have the contextual healing animations but we’ll have more gadgets also to heal yourselves.

Whatever we can reuse that fits we do, and everything that needs redone go through a makeover, but we’ve changed a lot the weapon handling system and you will feel the difference. 

Will any of Hurk’s make an appearance?

The manifestations of Hurk (including Urk) are legends in Far Cry. However, in the context of Yara we wanted to mainly spotlight characters from the region, so Hurk will be on other adventures during the time of Far Cry 6.

What can you tell us about the co-op in Far Cry 6? Any improvements or new additions made from the previous games? How many players is it? Should we expect the tether system to return?

The full game is playable in Coop with the tether system that you experienced in FC5 and New Dawn, and it is as simple and easy to play with friends. We’ve just made sure it was a lot of fun to play with your friends 😉 We’ll have more to show you soon! 

In the main city, how many buildings can we expect to enter? How many Biomes are there? How many km² does the map have?

The urban areas are a mix of open and closed buildings, with rooftop runs, sewer guerrilla paths, climbing, jumping and claustrophobic gun fights in tank filled city streets.

In terms of biome we were drawn to the Carribean owing to the amount of biome variation the region has and really wanted to tap into the contrast we could find there. You’ll be able to explore from paradise beaches (watch out for sharks) up humid jungle mountains into crocodile infested swamps with more in-between

Will we see old takedowns like knife throw takedown, grenade takedown, two death from above and possibly other new takedowns?

Takedowns are definitely back and fully ready for stealth players with plenty of new animations 

How did the studio come up with the game’s theme? Is it something that you wanted to see in a Far Cry game for a while now or was it spontaneously suggested and gained traction?

Nav – Long before joining Far Cry, just in studying history, political science, and my own family history I always was fascinated about the root causes of revolution. Specifically the motivations behind fighting a powerful regime against overwhelming odds. As we began to map out the story on Far Cry 6 and our characters the themes became clear. Questions of when does your revolution begin? How far are you willing to go for that revolution? Are you fighting this revolution for the right reasons? All emerged from that and challenge our characters throughout the story..

How challenging was it to build Far Cry 6’s world compared to some of the games you have worked on previously?

Building a Far Cry world was a new challenge for me that I was really excited to get involved with. Moving from racing, to 3rd person adventure to 1st person shooter brought a whole new way of thinking that changes the way you think about designing play space, but at the same time the fundamentals I’d learned from previous projects also gelled with the concept of building a country. – Ben

The world appears to be somewhat more complex this time due to the inclusion of a big urban area and (possibly) urban elements in other places as well. Since this has not been done in a Far Cry game on this scale before, what are some difficulties you and your team faced during development?

Building Esperanza and the other urban areas for FC6 was a challenge the team hit head on, everyone from engine, technical artists, object bank, level design all had to work together to build these spaces out in a way that still feels Far Cry yet offers this more claustrophobic street level gameplay. – Ben

When creating these huge worlds, especially in Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, what is the most commonly used approach? Do you work on the entire map at the same time, adding new levels of complexity to all the areas or do you only move on after you have more or less finished working on a specific area?

My preferred approach is to work in layers, starting really rough to get a general feel for the entire world before going into too much detail in any one area. That way we can get a feel for the overall density, relationship between points of interest, site lines etc. while still rough enough to move things around. Then we have an amazing team World Builders that build everything out, light it, add the finer details and storytelling all in layers. – Ben

When bringing the flora and fauna to life, does your team do all the research themselves or do you also consult experts from scientific fields like biology?

The research process is multi-faceted, the team works with experts to build out a knowledge base that can then be built on, augmented over time as more ideas and concepts come about. For the creation of trees, rocks, foliage the team took thousands of reference photos and created a giant library of photogrammetry assets. – Ben

Will Far Cry 6 feature a co-op mode similar to Far Cry 5?

Yes Far Cry 6 will come fully playable in co-op like FC5. Tell your friends, it’s a lot of Far Cry fun.

How does the story’s overall structure differ to that of Far Cry 3, 4 and 5? Obviously 5 centered around the story being driven by the resistance meter, whilst 3 and 4 had a more traditional, linear story structure. How does Far Cry 6 handle this?

Players will have a lot of choice when it comes to how they want to experience the overall story. The world is filled with interesting people and the stories they have to tell, who you speak to and in what order is up to each player allowing for a lot of different ways the experience plays out. – Ben

You will be able to approach the story however you like, no matter where you are on the map, which will give you freedom to explore Yara at your own pace. But we also ensured new ways that players will experience the larger narrative – the struggle between Dani and Libertad against Anton. This includes having moments with Anton and Diego where Dani isn’t actually there – so you can see Anton and Diego’s perspective of the revolution as if you were in the room right next to them. – Nav

Not quite the same as previous games. Different places to go, different people to help in any order you want, many places to conquer, like I said, close but different at the same time. – Alex

Far Cry 6 is set for release this October 7, and you can watch the latest gameplay footage right here.

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One thought on “New Far Cry 6 Details: No Map Editor, Huge Effort Going into Last-Gen Versions, and More

  1. “Will the map editor return?

    No, Arcade will not come back. Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution.”

    I will fix and translate this for you:

    “Because the new map is gigantic, with tons of new assets, guns, textures, npcs, animals, biomes, etc etc, and with the power of the next gen consoles, and pcs with 5950x cpus and rtx3090/24TFlops ,
    If we give all those assets, brand new tools and a full fledged (level) EDITOR,
    thousands of ultra devoted and talented gamers will be able to basically create the equivalent of a new Farcry 7…farcry 8…or farcry 9-like game… with new different game modes, totally different decors, new quests, new everything… and gamers will be able to keep using and playing farcry 6 for the next 3..4.. or even +10 years, as modders will keep releasing amazing insane new levels.. mods..and tons of content, for the next x years. Of course, if the game has some kind of content that must be bought with real money, modders will find a way to release that same content, for free.
    Obviously, we, ubisoft, DON’T WANT THAT. we want to release our own mods, our own content, our own levels, that we will of course SELL as PAID DLCs, and we don’t want our paid content to compete with tons of free content.
    Of course, releasing such editors and tools would be super easy for us. But seriously, in this day and age where games are making billions with in-game purchases, skins, etc, we can’t afford to release an editor and tools that will allow the community to release tons of free content. Also, don’t forget, you will be able to play our game 24h before anyone else, if you buy the most expensive of the +10 versions available at launch . See you, ‘bande de cons’ ”

    Here is the explanation why far cry 6 (and more and more future games) won’t have an editor. Money first, gamers, last.

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