New Halo 4 Champions Bundle Armor Screens

The Champions Bundle is coming to Halo 4 this August 20 and along with some new game modes, maps, and weapon skins, gamers will get their hands on three brand new armor sets to show off in War Games.

Players will be able to acquire the Prefect and ODST armor sets from the Infinity Armor Pack while the Ricochet armor set will be available in the Bullseye Pack.

Courtesy of developers 343 Industries, you can get an eye-full of the new armor sets below in three new screens shot on the new map, Vertigo.

Also, be sure to check out some of the sweet new weapons skins and armor right here.

h4 champions bundle_on the move_1080p
Prefect Armor – Infinity Armor Pack
h4 champions bundle_drop shock_1080p
ODST Armor – Infinity Armor Pack
h4 champions bundle_caves_1080p
Ricochet Armor – Bullseye Pack

Which new Halo 4 Champions Bundle armor set catches your eye?

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