New Insurgency Update Adds Revolt Coop and “Beta” Steam Workshop Integration

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A new game update available for New World Order’s hardcore first-person shooter, Insurgency.

It’s adds new cooperative content as well as integration for the “beta” version of Steam Workshop. Not all functions will be available, but players will be able to upload and download custom maps.

There are also a number of stability and gameplay improvements that you can read up on below, courtesy of Insurgency’s official blog.

NWI is currently at PAX East with the new build of Insurgency, so make sure to pay them a visit if you are attending.

New Content

  • Added Revolt Coop.
  • Added “beta” version of Steam Workshop support to the game. Certain features may not work fully, but players should be able to upload their maps and download other maps. Please provide us with feedback and issues related to this so we can keep improving it.

Stability Fixes

  • Disabled nav mesh loading when no bots are needed. This should improve map loading speed and also reduce server crashing on changelevel.
  • Fixed client side crash in Revolt specifically.
  • Fixed crash with vphysics object creation at an invalid position.
  • Fixed crash in control point guard behavior for bots.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Changed the damage indicator so it’s more minimalist like it was before.
  • Changed Vendetta so it no longer includes VIP players on both teams. Instead, the goal is simply to control the objective or eliminate enemy team.
  • Reduced Occupy capture time slightly.
  • Removed restricted areas from Strike.
  • Added more chance involved in determining whether a counter-attack will happen, even if most of your team is alive (it’s about 75% likely if your whole team is alive instead of 100%).
  • Improved Peak Coop.
  • FN FAL now uses a 20 round magazine instead of 30 rounds.
  • Overview map now correctly updates players outside of your PVS.
  • Overview map now applies a drop-shadow to highlighted player text/lines and also displays player information when you hover your mouse over someone.
  • As a spectator you can now use the overview map to click on a player and spectate them.
  • Free aim angles are now networked to in-eye observers so when you are spectating someone, bullets impact should more properly correspond to where the player is aiming on the screen.
  • Player who kills VIP in Ambush gets objective score.
  • Capturing the intel in Infiltrate will now give you an objective score.
  • End-round menu will take into account number of caches destroyed in objective tally.
  • Fixed incorrect team for Firefight capture HQ sounds.
  • Fixed missing Molotov Cocktail response code.
  • Added simple Infiltrate behavior for bots so you can now play the mode offline vs. AI.
  • Increased “safe distance” for RPG use by bots.
  • Fixed some training issues and confusion players have mentioned.
  • Tweaked Revolt Skirmish cache locations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken M249 2x scope.
  • Potential fix for “flamethrower bug” in spectator (please give us feedback on this).
  • Fixed incorrect squads being shown for highlighted players in map overview.
  • Fixed broken classes (always “none”) in coop end-round lobby.
  • Fixed M16A4 “favorite weapon” never showing in end-round menu.
  • Fixed messed up texture on Mosin Nagant world weapon model.
  • Fixed water impact sounds.
  • Talking player names now draw over the end-round menu.
  • Fixed Coop bug where sniper role wouldn’t come with a scope.
  • Fixed cache positions in Revolt Strike.

User Experience

  • Added ConVar “sv_vote_kick_ban_owner” which defaults to on. When enabled, if a player gets banned and they’re playing through family sharing it will also ban the owner of the game for the same amount of time.
  • Global ban lists check the game owner’s Steam ID to see if they have also been banned.
  • You can lookup the 64-bit Steam ID as well as the old Steam representation through lookup_id . This will also show the game owner’s Steam ID if the game is shared through Family Sharing.
  • Added and tweaked a bunch of audio in the game including new explosive sound assets.
  • Updated Dutch language files.