New Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Elite Drops and Patch Set to Release on June 19th

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Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin has revealed that Xbox 360 users will receive the next batch of Elite drops on June 19th along with a new patch.

Modern Warfare 3’s Elite premium drops will release for Xbox 360 on June 19th. However, all we know right now is to expect one map, one spec-ops mission, and one classified drop. “Details on the content will be posted on June 18th,” announced Rubin on Twitter.

The next Xbox 360 title update, , presumably patch 1.16, is also set to release on June 19th. In addition to the competition mode announced recently, Rubin noted “the Dragunov is getting a buff and DMH [Dead Man’s Hand] is getting a nerf.”

In case you’re wondering why the Elite content will be detailed only a day ahead of release, Rubin stated, “It’s just PR/Marketing not wanting to cross messages. For instance the PS3 message this week.” You can learn more about PS3’s June content through here.