New No Man’s Sky Trailer Will ‘Wow’ You With Its Scale

No Man's Sky Update 2.54 June 18

In an attempt to show of just how big No Man’s Sky really is, Hello Games has put together a new trailer that they debuted during Sony’s PlayStation Experience this weekend.

It shows off the same sort of exploration we saw in the game’s earlier trailer, but this new video offers a better sense of scale as we see the player zooming out to a ‘world map’, so to speak, where one can choose to warp to different solar systems. In the process, you get a pretty good look at how spaced out these locations can get, and it’s pretty daunting. Have a look above.

Still, no details on multiplayer were spared, but we can wait, Hello Games.

What do you think of No Man’s Sky after it’s showing over the past couple of days?


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