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No Man’s Sky Update 2.40 Live, Introduces Mechs (Update) News 0

News 0 No Man’s Sky update 2.40 has just been deployed, bringin with it the surprise introduction of mechs! The update weights a little over 11GB on the PlayStation 4 & 9GB on Xbox One (Steam version yet to deploy),  and while no patch notes have gone live yet, players are starting to see some noticeable changes. […]

No Man’s Sky Update 2.24 Introduces ByteBeat Device, Full Notes Here News 0

News 0 Hello Games has a treat for No Man’s Sky players today, as the studio has released No Man’s Sky update 2.24, which adds what the studio calls the “ByteBeat Device.” Check that and the rest of the new changes made today in the No Man’s Sky update 2.24 patch notes below. No Man’s Sky update […]

No Man’s Sky Update 2.12 Patch Notes Listed, New Event Now Live and Here’s What You Can Get News 0

News 0 In what seems like a weekly occurrence, Hello Games has now released yet another new No Man’s Sky update! While we have the full No Man’s Sky update 2.12 patch notes below, there are more than gameplay changes in today’s patch, as a new event with new (free) missions are part of it. No Man’s […]

No Man’s Sky Update 2.11 Patch Notes and File Size Info for Consoles News 0

News 0 The latest update for No Man’s Sky is now live. No Man’s Sky update 2.11 patch notes are below, make sure you reach through them thoroughly to understand everything that’s changed in the game. The version number is the same across consoles and PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The file size on PS4 is 10.932 […]

No Man’s Sky Update Version 2.06 Patch Notes and File Size Info for Consoles News 0

News 0 While we got two No Man’s Sky updates yesterday, it seems Hello Games isn’t done for the week just yet! Today, No Man’s Sky update version 2.06 is now out on consoles as well! This one clocks in at just 720MB on PS4. Check out the No Man’s Sky update version 2.06 patch notes below: […]

No Man’s Sky Update 2.05 Patch Notes, Here’s the Second Title Update for the Day News 0

News 0 While we just got a big No Man’s Sky update the other day, and a patch earlier today, it seems Hello Games isn’t done just yet! As there’s yet another new No Man’s Sky patch available for consoles right this moment! This No Man’s Sky update 2.05 once again introduces a bunch of game fixes […]

No Man’s Sky Update 2.04 Patch Notes for Consoles Now Live, Update 2.05 Previewed via PC Experimental Patch News 0

News 0 While we just got the big No Man’s Sky update yesterday (full patch notes here), Hello Games has released No Man’s Sky update 2.04 today for PS4, and Xbox One, and as one can expect after a big patch was released within the week, this title update for today includes bug fixes, and that’s it. […]

No Man’s Sky Beyond Launch Trailer Released and It’s Beautiful News 0

News 0 The No Man’s Sky Beyond launch trailer is finally here, giving us a look at things to come in this free update that’s launching this month! After shortly receiving its official ESRB rating, No Man’s Sky Beyond will be launching on August 14 on all platform, with VR support coming to PC and PS4. You […]

No Man’s Sky: Beyond Gets Official ESRB Rating News 0

News 0 No Man’s Sky: Beyond has finally received an ESRB rating, indicating that the expansion is still on course for a summer release Much like the base game, this expansion has received a T for Teen rating from the board. You can view the official description down below, although it is the same as the base […]

No Man’s Sky Xbox Version Revealed Alongside “NEXT” Expansion News 0

News 0 What’s this? A new update from Hello Games, and it concerns a No Man’s Sky Xbox version, as well as a new expansion?! Why, yes, yes it is! Hello Games’ Sean Murray tweeted out the new announcement, with both the Xbox One version and No Man’s Sky NEXT project simultaneously revealed. Coming in Summer 2018 is No Man’s […]

Humble Bundle Sale: “Indie Mega Week” Features Layers of Fear for Free, Hellblade & No Man’s Sky Discounts News 0

News 0 ‘Tis the season to binge a bunch of games! If you’re looking for some great deals on must-have indie titles, then the Humble Bundle store is definitely worth checking out. It’s “Indie Mega Week” with up to 80% off some truly great games. What’s more, you can currently get Layers of Fear for free! Here are some […]

No Man’s Sky Patch Overhauls Save System & Targets Space Bugs News 0

News 0 A new No Man’s Sky patch is live on PC and PlayStation 4. It introduces an overhauled save system, a lot of bug fixes, as well as a bunch of general improvements. The new save system gives players five save slots. If you select a new slot, you’ll be launched into a new game. Within the […]

No Man’s Sky Update 1.35 Includes Quality of Life Tweaks and Squashes Bugs News 0

News 0 Hello Games continues to pump out updates for No Man’s Sky. This time it’s update 1.35, which includes a variety of quality of life tweaks, while squashing some of the remaining bugs.  The patch is available right now on both PS4 and PC, so get it downloaded! Here are all of the added features and changes, […]

No Man’s Sky Update 1.33 Released, Addresses Reported Issues News 0

News 0 No Man’s Sky update 1.33 is now available to download on PS4 and PC. It brings a long list of changes that address issues reported by players.  Just how long of a list is it? Well, have a scroll and find out! Fixed issue where player bases were given the name “Unknown Base” rather than […]

No Man’s Sky Players Meet Post-Update, Can Actually See One Another (Sort Of) News 1

News 1 When No Man’s Sky launched, many players were hoping to explore the universe and search for other players. Finding another being in the game’s universe was described as being next to impossible.  “The chances of two players ever crossing paths in a universe this large is pretty much zero.” Of course, gamers being gamers proved the […]

No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 Adds Multiplayer, New Ships, Aliens and More News 0

News 0 No Man’s Sky fans are in for a treat as the big No Man’s Sky title update called “Atlas Rising” is finally out, and it brings a LOT of new things with it which includes multiplayer! Given this (free) update marks the first year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, it’s bound to be a big […]

New No Man’s Sky Trailer Will ‘Wow’ You With Its Scale News 19

News 19 In an attempt to show of just how big No Man’s Sky really is, Hello Games has put together a new trailer that they debuted during Sony’s PlayStation Experience this weekend. It shows off the same sort of exploration we saw in the game’s earlier trailer, but this new video offers a better sense of scale as […]

The Game Awards – New No Man’s Sky Gameplay Shows Space Travel and Giant Robots News 16

News 16 Hello Games, a studio that has been turning heads since the debut of its latest project, No Man’s Sky, arrived at The Game Awards tonight to show off some more of the massively open and procedurally generated world that players will get to explore as a space-faring adventurer. Studio head Sean Murray got on stage to unveil a […]

No Man’s Sky Will Come to PC After All, Just Later News 15

News 15 The procedurally generated open-world of Hello Games’ exploration title No Man’s Sky will come to PC, just after it’s timed-exclusive duration on the PlayStation 4 has run its course. The eye-catching sci-fi fantasy game that made an impression during this Summer’s E3 was heavily marketed as a PlayStation 4 title with no clear indication of whether […]

No Man’s Sky – Player Interaction Not a Core Component, Will Feature a Dedicated Multiplayer Experience News 17

News 17 The massive open universe in No Man’s Sky might not be so accommodating for player interaction, but developer Hello Games has got something in mind when it comes to offering a more traditional multiplayer experience in its upcoming sci-fi project. Speaking to GameSpot, Hello Games founder Sean Murray mentioned that “You can cross paths with […]