New Rainbow Six Siege Collector’s Edition Revealed, TerroHunt Extended Gameplay Demo With Dev Q&A

Ubisoft has lifted the lid on a new Rainbow Six Siege Collector’s Edition, revealing some sweet wearable gear, including a new Operator Backpack, CTU Hat, and R6S-themed Carabiner.

Here’s exactly what’s in it the $149 USD Collector’s Edition, which appears to differ from the previously announced Art of Siege Edition:


  • Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition
  • Season Pass
  • Steelbox – Designed exclusively for the Collector’s Edition
  • CTU Operators Hat – Flat-brim snapback hat
  • Compass Carabiner – Black and gray carabiner with a compass and bottle opener
  • Operator Backpack – Military-style backpack with a padded laptop pocket. Comes with seven Operator badges that attach to the sides of the backpack with Velcro.
  • Art of the Siege Tactical Guide – Exclusive 120-page guide

More pre-order details and pricing for your region are here.

At E3 2015, Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow Six Siege’s new solo and co-operative Terrorist Hunt mode, dubbed TerroHunt. As in previous Rainbow Six titles, players will squad-up and take on a small army of AI-controlled terrorists. This time, they’re packing explosives and are able to use the same breaching techniques utilized by the Rainbow team.

In a behind-closed-doors demo, studio members treated fans to additional TerroHunt gameplay and took the time to answer a handful of questions. Here’s a recap of what was covered, as well as a replay of the full presentation and Q&A.

  • 11 maps at launch with day and night variants.
  • Progressing through any mode in R6S will allow gamers to unlock everything.
  • AI is responsive and shares the same tools as Rainbow Operatives.
  • Weapon attachments are customizable and included reflex, red dot, ACOG, and holo sights.
  • Attachments will be faction-specific, eg. Spetsnaz variations of the holo sight & ACOG sights.
  • Over 30 weapons in the game so far, more to be announced.
  • Anything that isn’t structural can be procedurally blown up.
  • Weapon calibur is based on real life weapons, bigger calibur weapons will make bigger holes.
  • Single player is scenario-based, recruit Operators and re-build Rainbow.
  • Skill-based matchmaking, more details on matchmaking and clans soon.
  • Pre-made loadouts tailored to specific gameplay styles.
  • eSports aren’t planned but will be supported if the community expressed interest.

[youtube id=”WmOnS-dg018″]

As a reminder, Rainbow Six Siege’s Closed Beta officially begins on September 24 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can get more details here. Rainbow Six Siege launches on October 13.

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