New Street Fighter 6 Beta Video Details Battle Hub and Avatar Customization; Jamie Character Guide Released

street fighter 6 beta

Capcom has released a new Street Fighter 6 beta video, detailing the open beta’s Battle Hub social space and what it has to offer, as well as the customization options available for player avatars. Besides the Battle Cabinets that serve as the interface for PvP competition, the Battle Hub is also home to the Game Center which offers access to classic Capcom titles in-game, as well as a cosmetic shop and additional social activities to enjoy with other players. A character guide for Jamie has been released as well.

Watch the video below:

The Battle Hub is Street Fighter 6’s social space, organized much like an esports arena with a ring in the center. Players will be asked to create and customize their own avatar when they first enter the Battle Hub, with an extensive selection of customization options at hand. The Battle Cabinets near the center of the Battle Hub let players request PvP matches and spectate fights.

Further away from the center of the arena, the Game Center offers arcade machines through which a rotating selection of classic Capcom games can be accessed. It also hosts the Extreme Battle mode, in which battles are not bound by usual rules and include interesting gimmicks and exploits. Finally, players can purchase a variety of cosmetics for their avatars through the Hub Goods Shop in the Battle Hub, and can also engage in other activities such as DJ’ing and taking pictures together at a dedicated photo booth.

Following yesterday’s character guides, Capcom has also released a character guide for Jamie:

The Street Fighter 6 open beta runs from 3am ET/12am PT on May 19 till 3am ET/12am PT on May 21. The beta will be available on PC (through Steam), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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