New Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core Controller Revealed

xbox elite series 2 core

Xbox has revealed a new Elite Series 2 controller variant called the Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core. The announcement came alongside a trailer and an official blog post which shed a light on everything included in this variant of the Elite Series 2, which is a lot cheaper.

Here’s a list of features included in the Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core controller:

  • Adjustable-tension thumbsticks
  • Wrap-around rubberized grip
  • Shorter hair trigger locks
  • Limitless customization with exclusive button mapping options in the Xbox Accessories app
  • Up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life

The current Elite Series 2 consists of everything the Core variant has to offer and includes different thumbsticks, D-pad, a paddle shape, and a carrying case. In simpler words, the Elite Series 2 – Core is basically a cheaper version of the current Elite Series 2 but doesn’t come with all the extra accessories (component pack) that can be found included with the variant available right now. Here’s a visual comparison of the two versions:

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core

Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core is available to pre-order right now for $129.99 on the Microsoft Store. The extra accessories, otherwise known as the “component pack” can also be bought separately for $59.99. Both the Core controller and component pack will launch officially later this month on 21 September, 2022.

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