Next Mass Effect Multiplayer – “Competition Is Critical But Cooperation Is Bigger For Us,” says Producer

According to a BioWare Montreal producer on the Mass Effect team who spoke at a recent SDCC 2014 panel, any sort of multiplayer involved in the studio’s next Mass Effect game will likely revolve around co-operative gameplay, rather than competitive.

“Competition is critical but cooperation is bigger for us,” said producer Mike Gamble during the panel about multiplayer. “Cooperative MP is bigger for us [than competitive].”

Mass Effect 3 was the first title to introduce multiplayer to the series, predominantly known for its engrossing single player experience. It offered a four-player co-operative horde-style multiplayer mode that tasked players with either surviving waves of enemies or completing certain tasks. It was very well supported with updates, free content drops, and community events and would certainly be welcome back in BioWare’s next installment.

Other details from the panel indicated that the new Mass Effect title will place a heavy emphasis on exploration with the use of vehicles like the new and improved Mako. It doesn’t sound like a specific timeline for the game’s story was nailed down, but we do know that it won’t involve Commander Shepard. You can catch more notes and even images over on this NeoGAF thread.

What’s your take on Mass Effect multiplayer? Would you like to see it return in BioWare’s next Mass Effect game? Were you hoping for more competitive modes this time around? Tell us in the comments.

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