Nintendo Switch Adds Denuvo Security With New Tech to Prevent PC Emulators

Nintendo Switch Denuvo

Denuvo has partnered with Nintendo to provide the Denuvo security solution on the Nintendo Developer Portal, as an authorized Nintendo Switch middleware.

Denuvo is the first security partner to be added to the portal, where developers are now available to access Switch Emulator Protection to protect Switch games from piracy.

Denuvo says:

Even if a game is protected against piracy on its PC version, the version released on Nintendo Switch can be emulated from day one and played on PC, therefore bypassing the strong protections offered on the PC version. This can happen with any of the numerous games available on Nintendo Switch.

By blocking unauthorized emulations on PC, studios are able to increase their revenue during the game launch window, which is the most important period for monetization. The Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection will ensure that anyone wishing to play the game has to buy a legitimate copy.

As with all other Denuvo solutions, the technology integrates seamlessly into the build toolchain with no impact on the gaming experience. It then allows for the insertion of checks into the code, which blocks gameplay on emulators.

Nintendo has been trying to prevent Switch emulation on PC for a while, and with this Denuvo partnership, it looks like the company is progressing in its efforts to stop its game from being pirated or played on other platforms through an emulator.

Source: Denuvo by Irdeto

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28 days ago

This sucks, but I understand. I mean Nintendo is just trying to stop people from getting free games. Why get a switch and pay $70 for Mario when you can easily emulate the console and run the games 10x better?

I bet moving forward Denuvo will be on every Nintendo game, especially on Switch 2 stuff.

28 days ago

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