Nintendo Switch Free Games Giveaway! – Enter the Gungeon, Not a Hero, Crossing Souls

Devolver Digital

Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? If you own a Nintendo Switch, here’s your chance to get a set of ’em all in one go! Thanks to Devolver Digital, MP1st is giving away a bunch of games for the Nintendo Switch!

We’re giving away North America eShop Nintendo Switch codes for Enter the Gungeon, Not a Hero, and Crossing Souls! How to enter? Super simple. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us why you deserve to win, and how MP1st can improve as a website. That’s it! Super easy, right? Winners will be notified via their email registered with their Disqus accounts, so make sure to check your spam folders, everyone! The contest will run until this weekend and we’ll notify the winning entries ASAP.

Grand Prize winner will receive:

One (1) Nintendo Switch digital code for Enter the Gungeon

One (1) Nintendo Switch digital code for Not a Hero

One (1) Nintendo Switch digital code for Crossing Souls

Runner-up Prize winner will receive:

Two (2) Nintendo Switch digital codes for Enter the Gungeon, Crossing Souls or Not a Hero. Winner can choose the two games they want

Remaining Winners to receive:

One (1) Nintendo Switch digital code for either Enter the Gungeon, Not a Hero, or Crossing Souls.

Info regarding each game along with gameplay trailers can be seen below.

Enter the Gungeon:

(Via Wikipedia): Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell roguelike video game developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. It follows four adventurers as they descend into the Gungeon to find a gun to kill their past.

Not a Hero:

(Via Wikipedia): Not a Hero is a cover system 2D shooter video game developed by the British indie development studio Roll7 and published by Devolver Digital

Crossing Souls:

(Via Wikipedia): Crossing Souls is an action-adventure video game developed by Spain-based indie development studio Fourattic and published by Devolver Digital.

Stay tuned to more giveaways here on MP1st! Follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss the next one!

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Stefanie Kay
Stefanie Kay
5 years ago

I’m a physical-only gamer so I’d love to win games I wouldn’t normally get to play. I’d like to see more in-depth articles covering music in video games.

Definitely Not Jesse
Definitely Not Jesse
5 years ago

I’ve been lurking MP1st for a long time and enjoy the content you guys make! One thing I’d say to improve would be to increase the frequency in which you post. It seems like sometimes I’ll visit and there won’t be an article for a week or two. Sometimes there’s a bunch (which is great!)

Reply to  Definitely Not Jesse
5 years ago

Thanks for this! It’s due to a ton of factors, and shouldn’t happen again anytime soon. 🙂

5 years ago

Long time reader. MP1st is the first stop in my daily interwebs browsing and usually check back often throughout the day. Yes there were a couple down times hereand there at the site but lately Alex Co and everyone at MP1st have been killing it!
The constant articles on new and up to date info if great! Especially with all the Fall releases right around the corner.
It think what would up the ante are more longer form articles, op-eds or bigger reviews and write-ups on games. It would also be cool to see exclusive MP1st interviews with developers. Maybe even spotlight sections on popular Twitcher or Youtubers.
Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

5 years ago

Honestly i have never heard of all three of these games, so im not really sure what to expect from them. How about making video of impressions again or tips or opinions and have one or two highlighted on your front page.

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