Nintendo Switch Lite Hack Is Already a Done Deal Just 3 Months After Launch

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A new Nintendo Switch Lite hack has surfaced, with a teased release happening early next year. While the original Nintendo Switch was hacked rather quickly thanks to a hardware overlook, it would appear that the Lite version that Nintendo released back in September proved to be a little more difficult for hackers. Nonetheless, after some long work of digging, Team-Xecuter, the creator behind the Switch SX tool for the original Nintendo Switch has published a new video, teasing he SX OS 3.0 running on the Switch lite.

Interesting enough, they don’t show a dongle connected whatsoever upon booting up, something that is required for a cold-boot for the original Nintendo Switch SX hack. Don’t get excited for this release too much though as it will most likely be behind some sort of paywall as with all TX supplied hacks. This hacking method currently isn’t available yet, though the team promises it will be released early next year.

Expect Nintendo to continue releasing more software updates in hopes of tightening the security of their devices. As with previous updates, they have done a decent job at patching known exploits, however, hackers appear to remain a step ahead as they are quickly cracked. We don’t condone the practice of hacking hardware for the sole purpose of downloading illegal games, but there have been some cool features to come out of the community such as hardware overclocking and a few useful applets.