Nioh 2 1.03 Update Changes Detailed, Pre-Load Now Live

nioh 2 update 1.05

With the pre-loads now being live, details on Nioh 2 1.03 update have been revealed.

PlayStation 4 owners who pre-ordered Nioh 2 on the PlayStation Store will be happy to know that the pre-loading functionality is now live for North America and European markets. As for those in the Asian markets, Nioh 2 pre-load was live since this morning. You can begin pre-loading directly from your console, however, if there are any issues with getting it to work, the immediate fix is to force download it either from the PlayStation Store on PC or a mobile device. The download size for Nioh 2 is 36 GB and includes two recently released patches.

As for what these current two patches do? Well, they’re simply general bug fixes and stability improvements.


Nioh 2 1.01 Update

  • Fixes various bugs

Nioh 2 1.02 Update

  • Fixes various bugs

Nioh 2 1.03 Update

  • Fixes various bugs

This “technically” can be considered as the day one update (for discs), but we are sure we will see another patch come launch to further squash any other issues.

Along with the main game download, players can also download any additional pre-order bonuses and Deluxe edition items like the PS4 theme, Demon Horde Katana weapon, Demon Horde Armor, and the first Samurai Armor.

Nioh 2 will officially be available this Friday, March 13, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned as we will have coverage throughout the coming weeks, including a review and a number of gameplay videos. And if you haven’t yet, and don’t mind a bit of spoilers, make sure to read up on the Nioh 2 Trophy list here.

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