No Jets in Rush + DICE Putting Beta Concerns to Rest

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UPDATE: It has been reported by Alan Kertz, lead gameplay designer at DICE, that jets are, in fact, included in the Rush game mode in Battlefield 3.


His tweet reads as follows:


There are Jets in Rush folks. I wrote that line myself, and I’ve flown them myself.







We are almost half way through September and many Battlefield fans are beginning to feel worried about the whole beta situation. Is it just going to be a demo? Will DICE have enough time to fix the game? These are the thoughts running through many gamer’s heads but hopefully, MP1st can help answer these with the recent information we’ve gathered from important figures at DICE.

The atmosphere of Twitter is becoming as tense as ever as the community managers at DICE are getting their feeds spammed with concerns and question. One of the newer community managers, Ian Tornay, aka crash7800, seems to be handling it quite well and is letting us know what to expect of the beta. First, he’s made it clear that DICE is “Not publishing a date until [they] are 100% sure [they] can hit it out of [their] respect for your dedication. Please return a modicum of that respect.” One fan asked Tornay if the beta would be considered a demo, since it comes out so close to the final release date. He answered, “nope! Still lots of tweaking we can do, there’s some information best gathered by large crowds!

Gustav Halling, a gameplay designer at DICE known simply as gustavhalling on Twitter, has also received his fair share of heat from the Battlefield public. Fans have been asking him whether DICE will actually be taking feedback from the beta, or whether it will just be used as a server stress test. He assured us, “Both, the game isn’t finished so any Feedback taken from the beta will be helpful, if not for day 1 always for future patches!” It does seem like he could be admitting here that not everything will be fixed for launch, but we will at least see these fixes in patches, either on day one or later. Others have asked Halling what would be the best way to give their feedback to DICE during the beta. He replied, “We will have ways on the beta site.” Once the information becomes available, we will make sure to have it here on MP1st, so keep an eye out!

I think what we can all take away from this is that DICE is taking care of us and that as long as we are patient, we should have an awesome experience with the Battlefield 3 beta. What will you be doing/playing while you wait for the Beta? Stay tuned to MP1st where we might have some suggestions for you!

On another note, Daniel Matros, a senior community manager at DICE also known as zh1nt0 on Twitter, has revealed some new tidbits of information in some of his recent tweets. For one thing, we will only have three character slots for our clan tags, so it’s time to get creative! For another, it seems as though we will only be able to fly jets in the Conquest game mode in Battlefield 3. When one fan asked what the maximum number for jets will be in the Rush game mode, Matros simply answered “No jets in rush.”

How do you feel about this? I think we can trust in DICE to make the right gameplay choices, but what do you think?

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