No Man’s Sky Update 3.20 February 17 (PS5 3.020) Flies Out (Update)

No Man's Sky Update 3.20 February 17

Hello Games has released the latest title update for No Man’s Sky today! The No Man’s Sky update 3.20 February 17 is now live on all platforms (including next-gen). For PS5 gamers, this will show up as the version 3.020 patch. Head on below for more details.

The patch file size on PS4 is reported to be 12GB, while it’s only at 2.9GB on PS5. On Xbox One, it’s at 6GB.

UPDATE: Hello Games has released the official changelog for what it calls the “Companions Update.”

No Man’s Sky Update 3.20 February 17 Patch Notes:

Here are the official details from Sean Murray and the description of what’s in this new major update:

A galaxy of new Companions

The infinite and varied creatures you find roaming the universe can now be tamed and adopted as your companions. Once bonded to you, your new friends can be summoned anywhere – even aboard the Space Anomaly.

Raise a new generation

Creatures that have been well-cared for will lay eggs! Incubate the egg in your Exosuit until it’s ready to hatch into a brand-new lifeform.

Explore together

Creatures can be trained to perform chores like scanning for resources, marking hazards, providing torchlight, hunting hostile creatures, locating buildings, digging up valuable treasures or even deploying their own shoulder-mounted mining lasers.

Play together

Use specific command gestures to issue orders to your co-explorer. When your companion meets other players, creatures or companions they might become inquisitive, playful – or even aggressive, depending on their personality.

Unique personalities

A creature’s personality is unique and shaped by their species and ecosystem role. Their personality influences how they behave as well as how they think and communicate.

Alien neuro-translation

The creature harness has a neural link with the Exosuit, enabling rudimentary translation of their thoughts and wishes. Finally, you can talk to the creatures you meet!

Form your bond

Nurture your companion by playing with them, feeding them, and giving them attention.

Companion customisation

Accessorise your companion with a range of functional and decorative adornments. Accessories can be recoloured and customised with decals.

Nurture the young

Baby creatures will inherit looks and traits from their parent – but they are never exactly the same! They will need your care as they grow from spawn to maturity…

Gene re-sequencing

Genetic material can also be taken to the new Egg Sequencer aboard the Space Anomaly. The Egg Sequencer allows players to remix the genetic material of their growing eggs to produce unique, never-before-seen creatures.

Genetic trading

Players who have found particularly rare or desirable creatures may wish to trade eggs from their prized companions with other players.

Performance optimisations

On top of all the new features, the Companions update will bring significant improvements to load and warp times for PlayStation 4 players.

Currently, Hello Games has not announced any official changelog for the game, which is a given since the studio posts it a few hours after the patch is out in the wild. Oddly enough, the Experimental Branch notes have not been updated as well, with the most recent change only as:

  • Fixed a visual issue when using the terrain manipulator.

According to people in the community, this is the Pet update!

Pets are here……. from NoMansSkyTheGame

Pets you say? I’m in 👍🏻 from NoMansSkyTheGame

Nonetheless, we’re keeping our eyes peeled and will update the post once Hello Games releases the official notes. Same as before, if you notice any gameplay-related or technical fixes/changes from today’s patch, let us know your findings down below in the comments.

UPDATE: Post has been updated with the official trailer, and details from Hello Games!

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