“Outbreak: Shades of Horror:” New Gameplay Trailer Shoots Out for Unreal Engine 5 Co-op Survival Horror Game

outbreak shades of horror

Dead Drop Studios has released a new gameplay trailer for Outbreak: Shades of Horror, a new Unreal Engine 5-powered title in its “Outbreak” series of survival horror games. The game features a large cast of unique “real-world survivors” in their struggle to escape a zombie apocalypse in their city.

Watch the Outbreak: Shades of Horror gameplay trailer below:

Outbreak: Shades of Horror hearkens back to what the developers describe as “the golden age of survival horror in the late 1990s and early 2000s,” with multiple connected narratives that were experienced through multiplayer co-op. To this end, the game includes a large cast of fleshed-out “survivors” with individualized backgrounds and unique abilities, developed for players to combine their strengths in a co-op setting. From the developers:

Experience the opening hours of a viral undead outbreak in the city of Cypress Ridge in September 1999. Choose from a wide cast of everyday citizens, each with their own unique abilities, traits and storylines as you work together with up to three friends online or via local splitscreen to escape the undead apocalypse. Choose your team members carefully, as different characters will be able to access different areas of the game.

Your group will need to scrounge for supplies, fight off the undead, and traverse the city as you hope to find a means of escape. Death is only the beginning! As players fall, they are resurrected as zombies who have one goal: kill their former allies Each scenario features branching paths and multiple endings, with your group’s decisions directly influencing their ultimate fate.

They aren’t here to save the day, they just wanna survive…but if you can’t beat ‘em, join’em!


  • Choose from a diverse cast of real-world survivors who find themselves trapped in the opening hours of an undead epidemic.
  • Play the entire game as a first person shooter, third person over-the-shoulder shooter, or in retro fixed camera angles.
  • Use anything you can find to survive, from firearms, to melee weapons and even your bare hands.
  • Dismember the undead with location-specific damage, blasting off limbs or even their heads with a well placed shot!
  • Go it alone, or bring up to three friends along in online or offline co-op across the entire story campaign and all bonus modes.
  • Intense resource management inspired by retro survival horror with a modern interface.
  • Crushing difficulty as you hold off a horde of the undead while desperately trying to escape.
  • Solve puzzles and navigate an environment inspired by a realistic city environment.
  • Modern crafting system allowing you to build new equipment, healing items, and more from the materials you find strewn around.
  • Designed and influenced directly from the community’s feedback to build the ultimate survival horror nightmare.

A concept-stage teaser of the game can be played on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Those interested can pitch into Outbreak: Shades of Horror’s development here and receive different tiers of bonuses for doing so.

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