Outriders Inventory Wipe Restoration in Group B & C Underway Today

Outriders Inventory Wipe Restoration

Just yesterday, People Can Fly started the Outriders inventory wipe restoration process for “Group A.” Today. the studio has announced that “Group B & C” restoration are underway as well!

Outriders Inventory Wipe Restoration Details for Group B & C:

While we understand that the following information can quickly become a bit confusing, we did want to share it here to better explain the complexity of this issue as well as any minor restoration quirks you may encounter.

  • Restoring inventories is unfortunately not a simple “restore from backup” process.
  • The process for running this restoration actually involves analysing every Outriders player profile in existence and scanning it for possible inventory corruption. Affected characters’ item histories are then cross-referenced against our analytics metrics, which in turn inform us which items were lost.
  • Group B
    • The rules we are using to identify these smaller number of inventory wipe cases are by identifying lost items as follows:
      • Analytics tells us that a player acquired an item
      • Analytics also tell us whether that item was “dismantled”
      • If it was not dismantled, we check the Database to see whether the item is still in the player’s inventory
      • If it is no longer present, and was a Legendary item, we will assume that it was lost to an inventory wipe as Legendaries will most often be scrapped.
    • However, while our analytics are proving extremely helpful, they do not track every single interaction with an item.
      • This means that the steps used to identify lost items for Group B, in fact may also identify all no-longer-present gear, regardless of rarity, from players in Group C (the rest of the population).
      • This is why we are limiting the Group B restoration just to Legendary items. Legendary items are rarer and most likely to be dismantled.
      • Any player who has previously had, but did not dismantle, a Legendary item will have them restored, even if the character did not encounter an Inventory wipe (was in Group C) . You can immediately sell the item if you choose to do so.
      • In order to not impact Group C, each character not in Group A will therefore only have a maximum of 20 Legendaries restored.
      • In order to not impact Group C, each character not in Group A will therefore not have the 20 previously acquired items restored.
    • Note that the data needed for this operation has already been collected. Please do not attempt to exploit the process as you will only end up losing your items.

The above complexities are why we are still working to confirm the exact schedule of the restoration but we are working to an “ASAP” schedule as we fully understand how disappointing it is to not yet have your items back today.

Extra Details:

  • Items will be granted back in order of importance to the character’s equipment slots followed by their inventory.
  • We will have measures in place to prevent items from full inventories or full stashes being discarded or not restored. However, we would still recommend ensuring that there is enough space in your character, stash or alt characters should you be expecting a lot of items to be restored.

NOTE: We would like to confirm that anyone who has had their items restored as part of our restoration process will, at a later date, receive an additional appreciation package (LINK).

Here’s more clarification from the devs via Twitter:

Let’s hope we never have to experience anything like this again for our sake, and the devs’.

Source: Reddit


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