Outriders Sign-In and Crash Issues Being Looked Into

Outriders Sign in and Crash Issues

Outriders launch has finally arrive, though it seems that it’s off to a bit of a bumpy start as many reports are coming in that the game is experiencing some sign in issues. Well, don’t worry as you are not alone and Square Enix has even confirmed that they are looking into the Outriders sign in issues. 

Can’t Sign in to Outriders?

Don’t worry there isn’t anything wrong on your end, this seems mostly chalked up to the normal launch day issues of a multiplayer game being flooded with users. If you find yourself “stuck” at the main title screen trying to sign in just keep waiting. A Square Enix rep confirmed that the issue is being looked into, though suggest you wait it out for the mean time. We ourselves have encountered some error when signing into Outriders, though usually a wait of around five minute fixes that.

Outriders Crashing Issue on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC

There are also tons of report that the game is crashing across every platform at random times. The issue has been acknowledged though no ETA on when a fix was provided. For those experiencing Outriders crashes during the Bad Day mission, Square Enix has provided a potentially workaround method.

“A Bad Day” Crash when receiving quest reward
  • We are aware of a bug that can cause a crash when receiving the rewards for the sidequest “A Bad Day”. This crash appears to only occur if you have the Hell’s Rangers equipment in your inventory.

  • Place the Hells Rangers items in your stash until you have received the side quest rewards. You can bring them back into your inventory once the quest has been completed.

For those on PC who are experiencing Outrider crashes and frame-rate stuttering, there is a potential workaround also for this. 

[PC] Hard crash to Desktop (No Error Message)
[PC] Stuttering and Frame Rate Issues
  • We are aware of an issue with our DX12 implementation that can cause PC players to encounter stuttering, a hard crash or shader cache issues due to an overloaded CPU.

  • We are investigating this urgently and hope to provide a resolution in the near future.

  • Select the “Play Outriders- DirectX11” launch option when starting the game.

  • Alternatively, force DX11 to run the game via a command line

    • In Steam : Outriders Demo -> Manage -> Properties -> Launch option-> Write the below in the textbox without the ” “

      • “-force -dx11”

  • Please also check whether you have the latest NVIDIA Game Ready installed.

A crash during the “Mountain Outpost” expedition is also being looked into. 

Crash During the “Mountain Outpost” Expedition
  • This is an issue that we’ve observed happening occasionally when playing in co-op.

  • We are investigating it, but it does not appear to happen consistently.

  • As this issue appears to occur randomly, a replay of the Expedition may not encounter the same issue

Hopefully all these are addressed in the follow up patch that is due to come out soon. We will be sure to keep you all updated once that patch drops. 

Outriders is now out on consoles, PC, and streaming platforms. In the coming weeks we will have our review up, along with a few guides, so stay tuned!

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