Massive List of Outriders Legendary Weapons, Armor Sets Leaked via Datamine (Spoilers) – Update

Outriders Update 1.11

Possibly one of the most exciting things in any game with loot is being able to obtain the highest-tiered items. In the Outriders demo, People Can Fly has enabled gamers to obtain legendary loot — the highest level of loot the game has. If you’re curious what you can get in the final version of the game (depending on the RNG gods, of course), we have a massive list which includes images of the Outriders legendary weapons, armor sets, and more!

Update: Click here are all the legendary weapons available in Outriders at launch! Complete with screenshots and mods.

Before diving in, note that for those who’d rather discover these items themselves, what they look like, what they can do and such, I suggest not checking the galleries below, as these will spoil the endgame items for you. If you don’t care about that, and want to see the armor sets and what bonuses players can get for completing them, head on below.

Note: We are not 100% sure if these are all the legendary items in the game, nor if any has been taken out, had stats tweaked, replaced, etc. since we are basing this off of datamined info.

Cannonball Set:

Devastator Marshal Set:

Devastator Statue Set:

Pyro Set 1:

Pyro Set 2:

Pyro Set 3:

Trickster Set 1:

Trickster Set 2:


Trickster Set 3:

Technomancer Set 1:

Technomancer Set 2:

Technomancer Set 3:

Technomancer Set 4:

Legendary Weapons:

Legendary Weapons Set 2 (Added March 16, 2021):

Whew! That’s a ton of endgame content that players can earn, no? Again, this isn’t the full list as far as we’re aware, and People Can Fly can always add more if they so wish.

Outriders is set for release this April 1 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Update (3/16/21): Added a new gallery showcasing new legendary weapons!

Thanks for the leak, Quirky-Service-2626!

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