People Can Fly Explains Why Outriders Doesn’t Have PvP

Outriders Crossplay

If you’ve been following Outriders since it’s announcement at E3 2019, then the news of no Outriders PvP (Player vs. Player) probably isn’t new to you. While the studio isn’t quite ready to talk about the possible future of the game in terms of content, they have made it abundantly clear that Outriders was designed specifically for PvE.

With a record of working on games such as Gears of War and Fortnite, it’s safe to say that People Can Fly, the studio behind Outriders, are no strangers when it comes to building a competitive multiplayer. In fact, due to that long studied knowledge, it has become one of the many reasons for the decision to make their upcoming game focused on the PvE  experience, rather than a shared system with PvP (i.e. Destiny) and a game built as a service (GaaS).

In a group interview session with People Can Fly (PCP) Lead Game Designer Piotr Nowakowski and Creative Director Bartek Kmita, we asked on the reasoning for not including an Outriders PvP mode. With past experiences from other titles, the pair stated that when it comes to creating PvP modes, it can be a rather “hard” task. To elaborate more, with Outriders so focused on it’s RPG and loot elements, there is a lot that goes into creating a system that works across both PvE and PVP.

As many had previously assumed, balancing would be needed between the two, which would take away from one mode or the other, something People Can Fly didn’t want. Understandably, when looking at games like Destiny it’s easy to see where PCP is coming from. Since the original release, Destiny has had it’s fair share of balancing issues between both PvE and PvP, and while it has gotten better in how much Bungie could tune, it’s clear it was one big headache of a process from the start.

Outriders also has a number of systems in place that simply wouldn’t work in PvP, or at least give off the same experience that PCP is hoping to deliver. That same reasoning is also why Outriders isn’t a GaaS-type title, though it doesn’t mean PCP is done with the game once it releases.

PCF: That is still the case, so we are not a Games as a Service (GaaS), nothing has changed here. We were temped in the beginning to go this way, but we want to go into the different process and realize that these systems…didn’t make progress for us, and not making the game better and it just basically made the game worse, so we decided to resign from it.

For example I can give the story component, the Games as a Service was a little bit difficult for us to chop into serious content. This would put things differently, and we realized this game has a whole story where it has a beginning to end so basically, not working (GaaS) for us, And there were other systems that weren’t exactly working, I know it sounded because most of the shooter competitors are doing the Games as a Service that this can work great, but somehow in our mind it worked differently and (we were thinking) more old-school like Diablo, Diablo-style. What’s important is when we release the game that doesn’t mean we abandon the game, and we don’t want to work on this game anymore. If we have the player base, People (PCF) will be willing to say this works for sure to produce more content, produce more adventures, and activities for the people. It doesn’t have to always as a Games as a Service system, rather maybe fit it into bigger blocks with the daily chores or daily quests or however you call it.

Are you hoping People Can Fly adds PvP to Outriders in the future or should the devs stick to PvE content for post-launch stuff? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

Outriders is releasing on April on  PS5/PS4, Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia. An Outriders demo is currently available on all platforms except Stadia. Make sure to check out the upcoming changes coming to the demo right here.

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2 years ago

I think PVP should definitely become a part of Outriders. After you beat the game it will keep people playing and give them other challenges and goals. If destiny can do it, they can. Extra missions and Dlc packages are great but there still needs to be a pvp at some point!

Tahseem Simpson
Tahseem Simpson
2 years ago

Love the game as it is currently would honestly stop playing everything else I own if this had a pvp

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