Outriders Demo Stats: 254 Hours Logged by Just One Player & Over 2 Million Players in a Week & More

Outriders Update 1.05 April 9

With People Can Fly releasing a full-fledged demo for Outriders rather than just a beta, it seems this has worked in the developer’s favor. People Can Fly has revealed the Outriders demo stats, and they are quite impressive.

We’ve compiled everything in one handy bullet-point list! It’s quite detailed, as it tallies what the most used class is, what’s the most used ability is per class, how many characters players created, and more! Oh, and it seems one person is kinda addicted to it, as they’ve spent over 200 hours playing the demo!

Outriders Demo Stats: By the Numbers:

Over 2 Million Players in One Week

9.5m Hours Played

4Hrs 20 Minutes Average Time

Trickster: 28.5%
Pyromancer: 27.6%
Technomancer: 23.0%
Devastator: 20.9%

35.6 Trillion Total Damage

638m Total Kills

49m Player Deaths From Enemies

Riflemen are the Most Deadly Enemies in the game

31.8m Captain Kills(RIP)

3.6 Billion Scrap Collected

5.4 Million Titanium Pieces Have Been Collected

Most Popular Weapon Types

– Assault Rifle
– Pump-Action Shotgun
– Automatic Shotgun
– Double Gun

Most Used Ability Per Class:

– Devastator: Earthquake (Used 8.7M Times)
– Pyromancer: Thermal Bomb. (Used 14.5M Times)
– Technomancer: Trapmine (User 6.6M Times)
– Trickster: Temporal Blade (Used 5.6M Times)

Most Used Ability Overall

Thermal Bomb
– Used on average 34 times by each Pyromancer

Most Hours Invested by One Player:

254 Hours

Over 1000 Players Have Created More Than 10 Characters!

Don’t forget, a new title update has been released today and we’ve listed the changes here. Keep it locked in on MP1st for the latest Outriders news.

Source: Outriders (Twitter)

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