Outriders Worldslayer Apocalypse Tiers Explained, New Endgame to Be Introduced

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If you’re tired of runnning through Expeditions in Outriders and want a new challenge, rejoice! People Can Fly has just the thing. Coming with the Worldslayer expansion this June are the Outriders Apocalypse Tiers, and there’s also confirmation that a new type of endgame is inbound too!

Thanks to an invite-only event for Worldslayer that MP1st was invited to, we managed to get our first details on the Apocalypse Tiers, and news on the new endgame set to be introduced in the expansion.

Outriders Apocalypse Tiers and New Endgame Info:

Apocalypse Loot Introduces a New Gear Type With a Third Mod Slot

When you are playing on Apocalypse Tier difficulty levels, you have a chance to get Apocalypse Gear variants to drop.

Apocalypse Gear pieces are variants of Epic and Legendary gear in the game, and have a third mod slot available.

Apocalypse Gear can only be earned through drops, it cannot be crafted. The third Apocalypse mod slot cannot be edited, so finding an Apocalypse variant of a powerful Legendary with a strong mod in the Apocalypse slot will be key to unlocking maximum power for your Outrider.

As for the new Outriders endgame, People Can Fly won’t give specific details just yet, though they did share that it will take players to the city of Tarya Gratar!

Outriders New Endgame for Worldslayer:

The Campaign in Worldslayer will take you to the ancient city of Tarya Gratar, the cradle of PAX civilization. This is where the Trial of Tarya Gratar awaits you.

This is a completely new type of endgame, entirely different from the Expeditions experience.

More details regarding the new endgame content will be shared this “summer” according to the studio.

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