Meet Ana, Overwatch’s First Post-Launch Hero

After some wild speculation, Blizzard has officially revealed Overwatch’s first post-launch hero.

Ana, the original Overwatch agent and mother of Pharah, joins in on the fray. She’s equipped with a Biotic Rifle that’s capable of healing teammates, a sleep dart, and a Biotic grenade that boosts all healing for allies and prevents healing for the enemy team. Her Nano Boost ultimate ability grants allies increased damage, speed, and damage resistance during its duration.

You can check out the reveal trailer above to see what Overwatch’s first post-launch character is capable of first hand. The origin story trailer is available below:

[youtube id=”DvUrCT866XU”]

Additionally, since Ana is the first major addition to the game, it also means new items to unlock. According to Blizzard the content of loot boxes are generated as soon as they are earned and not when opened, meaning you won’t need to save them until after launch.

Overwatch is available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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