Overwatch Update 2.80 Released and Here’s What It Does

overwatch update 2.80

While Blizzard Entertainment just released a big Overwatch patch last week that brought in the Winter Wonderland 2019 event, the studio released Overwatch update 2.80 today, which will kick players out of matches, and is a mandatory download. Clocking in at 5GB on consoles, Overwatch update 2.80 doesn’t bring in any features, but is just for bug fixes.

Overwatch update 2.80 changes:

No notes are available for this patch, as it’s supposed to be just a hotfix fora potential crash according to the official Blizzard Customer Service Twitter account.

It’s not 100 percent confirmed now whether this new Overwatch patch has fixed the Mei Ice Wall bug (at least on consoles). People on the Overwatch subreddit are saying that it has, while others aren’t sure. Those unaware, the Mei glitch will let chracters fly. Check out what it looks like below.

BEWARE! New Exploit using Mei allows ANY CHARACTER IN THE GAME to fly around like Pharah, douches are already using it in games from Overwatch

We’ll email Blizzard and see if this patch does indeed fix this Mei glitch, and if we get any new confirmation about the patch, we’ll be sure to update the post.

If you notice any changes or fixes based on the Overwatch December 13 update, let us know what you find in the comments below.

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