Overwatch Update 2.98 September 29 Patch Notes

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The Overwatch update 2.98 September 29 patch has begun to rollout on across platforms, focusing on squishing out some recently occurring bugs.

Overwatch Update 2.98 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “gg ez” filter to no longer work properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Add a Friend” button to disappear when using a controller on PC
  • Fixed a bug with skill ratings not appearing in the career profile for non-role queue competitive seasons
  • Fixed a bug that caused Twitch drops for Tracer’s Comic Challenge to not be received in game (rolling fix over the past week)


  • Fixed a bug that caused Swift Strike to inflict double damage under specific circumstances


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Blink from working properly in specific rooms

That’s all for the today’s Overwatch Update 2.98. We’ll be sure to update the post if any stealth fixes are noticed by the community. And in case you missed it, be sure to read up on last’s week’s Overwatch 2.97 update.

if you spot any changes not mentioned above, leave a comment below to let us know  we should be getting a Halloween event for the game soon, and once we know more, we’ll let our readers know  

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