OW2 Update 1.000.020 Brings Summer Games 2023 This July 11

OW2 Update 1.000.020

Blizzard Entertainment has released the (Overwatch 2) OW2 update 1.000.020 on both last-gen and current-gen platforms this July 11, and this brings the Summer Games 2023 event into the game. Read on for the new OW2 update patch notes.

OW2 Update 1.000.020 Patch Notes | New OW2 Update Patch Notes for July 11:


It’s time for some fun in the sun with the Summer Games seasonal event! Log in and play Lúcioball, Lúcioball Remix, and the all-new Winston’s Beach Volleyball, plus score big with new cosmetic rewards, including a new Epic skin for Doomfist!


On Fire Adjustments

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to gain On Fire at the start of a new round in Competitive Play when playing any game mode or in Quick Play when playing Control.
  • On Fire and Blazing are more difficult to attain early in a round.
  • On Fire’s cooldown reduced to 3 seconds. This should prevent most of the cases where a hero gained On Fire with a delay after a positive contribution.
  • On Fire score decays slightly more quickly when a hero is not On Fire.
  • Maintaining On Fire for long periods of time is more difficult.

New Event Hub

A new centralized location for Event information is now available from the main menu, where all Event Challenges, Rewards, and Modes are listed here.


Team Queue

  • Team Queue is an all-new Competitive mode for Overwatch 2, requiring everyone to play in a full group of five players. Team Queue has no ranking restrictions and will be available through the end of Season 5. Other important rules for the mode are:
  • Players can group up regardless of how far apart they are in rank.
  • Grandmaster players can play, even with up to four other Grandmaster players.
  • Team Queue is limited to 1 Tank, 2 Damage, and 2 Support.
  • Players do not queue for specific roles, instead choosing their roles within each match.
  • Platform pool restrictions remain, meaning players on console must still only group up with other players on console, notthose on PC.





Developer Comments: We are increasing the effectiveness of Fortify to make Orisa a stronger counter against team compositions that lean on crowd control.


  • Damage reduction increased from 40 to 50%.



Developer Comments: Sometimes, the Ravenous Vortex projectile hits an enemy and bounces off unpredictably, delaying its activation. This quality-of-life change improves the ability’s consistency and makes it easier to use against groups of enemies without fear of accidental collisions.

Ravenous Vortex

  • The projectile now passes through enemy heroes but is still blocked by barriers.