Payday 2 VR Update Tweaks Beta Controls, Weapons & More

A new Payday 2 VR update is now available to download and install through Steam. VR Beta 1.30 and 1.31 were released in quick succession, tweaking controls, weapons, and more.

Here are the improvements that beta testers can now experience:

VR Beta 1.31 Update Changelog


Fixed a crash that could occur if a VR-player was cuffed and tried to shout at a teammate or AI

Menu and UI

Removed ”Rotate player angle” in the gameplay menu on HTC Vive

Fixed an issue where VR-players could not interact with the menu in preplanning

Fixed a visual issue on skinned weapons while in the main menu

VR Beta 1.3

This week we were able to release the Beta alongside the regular update. We are bringing some updates to the Oculus movement system. We are adding functionality for the player to rotate. This will help when playing the game in 180 degrees instead of room scale. Oculus also get improved dash controls where you simply put your finger on the joystick to activate the targeting line and pushing it forward will activate the dash. We also worked on the ladders to improve the system and make it feel more intuitive in correlation to the dash system.

We have worked on the weapon grip functionality so that you can now choose to toggle it on and off and won’t need to hold the grip buttons to hold the weapon in two hands. While working on the weapons grips we also looked over some weapons making it easier for left handed players to grip these weapons.


Improved the ladder control system

Fixed a graphical issue with Flashbang distortions

Improved the visuals of the menu laser


Added the ability to use the Saws

Adjusted grip points for left handed player

Added a grip toggle system for holding weapons in two hands


Improved dash controls for Oculus Touch controllers

Added rotate player buttons for Oculus Touch controllers

Happy with the changes? How are you enjoying Payday 2 VR thus far? Let us know.

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Source: Steam

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